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QLD seriously injured worker who underwent total shoulder replacement entitled to nothing

We recently received an email from a QLD-based seriously injured worker, who after recently having undergone a total, dominant titanium shoulder replacement, after a work related accident had his/her workcover file closed, even though the workcover IMEs (and his/her own treating specialists) have deemed the injured worker’s injury not stable/stationary as yet, and as such the injured worker is not able to undergo a permanent impairment assessment as yet (which undoubtedly will score high enough to be deemed “seriously injured”). In Victoria, for example, we do know that a total shoulder replacement automatically scores 30% WPI (plus any % for residual incapacity such as loss of function, movement etc.)

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WA Injured worker denied required surgery after impairment assessment

A Western Australian injured worker (“S’) has been brave enough to share his workcover WA ordeal with us. He has currently lost all purpose and joy in his life, after his workcover WA insurer has denied his required (second) back surgery. The injured worker believes that the surgery may have been denied because he has undergone a permanent impairment assessment (at the advice of his lawyer), however he has not settled his case (yet). Any advise, help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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