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Trying to find employment after Workcover

The following article was anonymously submitted via our “submit a guest post” section, for which we are extremely grateful. The more injured workers contribute the better!

Injured workers try to get back to work as soon as they can, however they often face hurdles from prospective employers who see them as a risk, indeed.

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The doctor and the workers compensation patient

Injured or ill workers deserve good medical care, rehabilitation, as well as compensation for permanent injury. Unfortunately more and more doctors are shying away from treating patients in the workers’ compensation system, They should not but they should be aware of how the work-over system works.

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Human Rights Commission powerless in public sector and workcover matters

We recently received correspondence a bullied, harassed and ill-treated injured worker sent to the Human Rights Commission. The response the injured worker received was very disappointing. It appears Human Rights are available to anyone who doesn’t work in the public sector or have a workcover claim. Thanks to the injured worker, we know have this in writing!
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Injured worker keeps job in ‘baffling case of discrimination’

A Victorian inured worker was provided with alternative employment due his incapacity to perform his pre-injury duties. His inability to perform pre-injury duties were already determined however his employer attempted to dismiss him based on the results of the Functional Capacity Evaluations.Which should be used as a tool to determine capacity not incapacity….

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Stigma of workers comp hinders job opportunities: He’s gone for 472 jobs and can’t get one

Unfortunately Jason’s story is a common one for many injured workers.   Once on workers comp for an extended period of time a stigma is  automatically attached and injured workers are often viewed as liabilities best avoided by too many employers.

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