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The answer to changing workcover insurance companies: debate

We recently received a rather highly controversial email from an injured worker. The aggrieved injured worker believes that ‘killing’ ‘defective’ workcover employees (such as case managers) is the answer to fixing our horribly broken workcover system. We believe that the fundamental problem is that of bad faith…

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Should injured workers take more control?

The workcover system is, in my seriously injured opinion, designed to do one thing and that is to remove all “responsibility” from the injured worker, and alas, remove all control from the injured worker, which –all too often– leads to desperation, frustration and a myriad of secondary psychological injuries.The following somewhat controversial article aims to make injured workers think hard and show a potential way to stay in control of their claim.

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Improving the IME process – some thoughts

As you well know aworkcovervictimsdiary is very hard on workcover insurance companies and the workcover system. Perhaps we ought to stop picking on the insurance companies, the various claims people and processes, and even the Independent Medical Assessors (IMEs). Well, let’s try and think outside the box and ask ourselves how we could improve some processes. This article covers some collective and random thoughts and recommendations to improve the IME process.

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