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“Unprofessional and inappropriate” bully gets awarded damages for being sacked – WTF

In this disturbing workplace bullying legal case (QLD) a worker’s supervisor communicated “unprofessionally and inappropriately”; however FairWork Australia did not think that the supervisor’s inappropriate and unprofessional communication style amounted to workplace bullying and harassment!

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case-manager-10-Commandments ime

Your Independent Medical Assessment – the truth

As we have talked about hundreds of times, It is important to remember IME physicians are not concerned with your medical well being, and themselves have a clearly defined agenda and strategy to assist the insurance company with what appears to be, credible, objective medical opinion contrary to that of your primary care physician. This great guide to IME assessments, although American, is a must read for all injured workers, as it exposes the universal and real agenda behind those so called independent assessments.

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The culture of zero lost time injury and team safety bonus – a gutting story

I would like to tell you what has happened recently, writes an injured worker . As  I now have  time to write this  account of what happened,  I apologize if it may be long winded , but  letter writing is not a strength that I normally exercise. But I now must,  in pursuit of  my interests  which  I have failed to look after  properly in the recent past. The injured worker send us a copy of a letter he wrote to the CEO of his company…

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What becomes of the injured worker?

What Becomes of the Injured Worker?writes an injured worker. I think this is a question that needs to be asked again and again. It’s also the question that the media and their bosses never ask as they are too busy chasing the vague small shadows of malingerers and rip off artists. CGU’s rip off was huge. Where is the in depth media analysis of that crime?In this insightful post, injured worker P  gives her answers to the question “What becomes of the injured worker?”

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The first year after a medium to severe workplace injury

Further to John McPhilbin’s article about the Cycle of Despair, the model that we  all believe offers a fairly accurate representation of what many injured workers are forced to endure in the dysfunctional workers compensation system, I’d like to briefly resummarise an article we posted on our forum about what a medium to severe injured worker typically undergoes and how they are affected within the first year(s) after a workplace injury.

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Workcover insurance companies cheat injured workers out of travel costs

A bright forum member thought it would be interesting to find out if different workcover  insurance companies pay different rates for travel allowance and even more interesting if it varies from state to state. Well, you would be surprised to know that – again- we are being ripped off by our insurance companies and the biggest cheater is Xchanging!

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erin-brockovich-surprise-visit-workcovervictim-art unsupportive-spouse-disability

Fighting workcover and with an unsupportive spouse – what to do?

Let’s face it, workcover victims often face – and fight- battles [and wars] on multiple fronts. You have to fight and battle with your workcover case manager and with your employer. Injured workers also need to fight with their own body to try and heal, they often need to fight with their doctors and go on a war path with so called independent medical examiners. Hell, you may even find yourself fighting with complete strangers who sadly believe you are just “milking the system”. At the end of all that fighting you’re just drained and the last thing you need is to fight and bicker with your own friends, family and spouse!

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More about WorkCover Independent Medical Examination (IME) and how to protect yourself

It has been alleged that some Independent medical examination doctors are nothing more than “doctors for hire”.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that “doctors for hire” exist, and, allegedly, in alarming abundance. They are an embarrassment to the profession and should be routed from it; yet, they are not. They are, of course, the spawn of workcover insurance companies.

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