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Why Injured workers want to return to work

For whatever obscure reason workcover case managers are drilled and brainwashed time and time again to believe that just about all injured workers are up to no good and are only looking for a free holiday. I always tear my hair out at this sickening and totally unsubstantiated statement.

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Fair Work confirms injury absence counts as service

Further to yesterday’s article Employers fume as injured worker wins unfair dismissal case, we managed to digg up the case involvedWorkPac Pty Ltd v M Bambach [2012] FWAFB 3206 (31 May 2012) – which  clarifies the meaning of “continuous service”. Fair Work Australia full bench has confirmed that a worker who was employed for less than three months, before being absent for more than a year because of an injury, is protected by unfair dismissal laws.

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your workplace accident + social media = a bad idea

We know we have discussed this topic ad nausea, however in a recently (anonymously shared) legal matter, the defense lawyers obtained conversations, photos and video about the injured worker when their paralegal “be-friended” the injured worker on Facebook. They intended on using this information against the injured worker in court during a common law damages claim.

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Injured worker bullied and shot with staple gun – a disturbing story

Another very brave injured worker shared his disturbing story with us. He was severely bullied in his workplace to the point where he was shot with a staple gun by a fellow employee! His workcover claim was initially denied, courtesy of a very biased ‘investigator’s report’. With the help of a law firm he finally managed to have his claim accepted, only to discover that his lawyer had coerced him to sign an “agreement” and since then the poor and exasperated injured workers has been going through an all too familiar nightmare of insurer’s bullying tactics, delays and denials…

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“Unprofessional and inappropriate” bully gets awarded damages for being sacked – WTF

In this disturbing workplace bullying legal case (QLD) a worker’s supervisor communicated “unprofessionally and inappropriately”; however FairWork Australia did not think that the supervisor’s inappropriate and unprofessional communication style amounted to workplace bullying and harassment!

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