Aggravated work injury, hence a little less activity on blog


I recently, and again, took a little break from blogging that was not planned. I specify not planned because I had more blog posts planned than could be published.  Although my (and your) body without you realising or wanting to pay attention to it, really does need breaks, this time mine came in the form of nasty dislocation of my total reverse shoulder prosthetic which obviously affects the one thing bloggers and pretty much everyone needs, your hands and arms!


As you all know my work injury has not allowed me to do much, after 10 major surgeries of which the final one was the insertion of a total reverse shoulder prosthesis, life hasn’t been the same as it once was before my injury. Although the prosthesis has given me some relief, about 2 years ago it started becoming unstable and would clunck out of its place and clunck back in spontaneously most of the time. Over time it just got worse with weekly subluxations and at times dislocations but I managed to relocate the damn thing myself and would take a few days rest…as the way to heal is by doing exactly that, not much.

Recently however, I fully dislocated my prosthetic shoulder (see pic on left) and was ‘stuck’. The pain became unbearable and my hand started going blue and numb. I went to the doctor and got the royal treatment with the green whistle (gas) and a closed reduction. It took 2 doctors to get that thing back in it’s place or thereabouts! My artery was compressed, hence I did not get much blood supply to the arm and hand.

You can imagine I have been going pretty much stir crazy not being able to type, write, answer emails without assistance etc, even though I can do a lot left handed these days (it is amazing how our bodies adapt to disability).

As bloggers, that is part of the course, we put out content, receive feedback and interact with our readers and followers. It starts all over again as soon as we create new content, but due to the aggravation of my injury none of this was getting done, so I apologise for not having personally responded to a couple of emails. I will get around it, eventually.

So, I am going to keep this blog post short, after all typing with my left hand alone is tedious and slow and frustrating.

In Unity




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  1. Just FYI, I have had 3 closed reductions of my prosthetic shoulder under anaesthesia in 8 days, and a total of 4 full dislocations in the past 12 days! At wit’s end and exhausted so I apologise for the delays in replying to emails and posting fresh content on the blog!

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