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Nothing seems to have changed! Following the announcement that the Victorian Ombudsman will conduct another review in the the VIC Workcover system, comes the recent announcement from The NSW Business Chamber calling on the NSW Treasurer to commission an urgent review of the NSW Workers Compensation system.

Workcover NSW urgent review needed

According to the NSW Business Chamber, feedback from business appears to demonstrate that the administration of workers compensation involving the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), Insurance and Care NSW (icare) and SafeWork NSW is not working properly and is negatively impacting both employers and employees.

“The 2015 reform of the workers compensation system in NSW was necessary, however the administration of this reform has left a lot to be desired. We have reports of claims being approved without appropriate checks or investigations, lengthy delays and poor advice and support for both employers and employees,” said NSW Business Chamber CEO Stephen Cartwright.

“We’re hearing from employers across the state about poor claims management practices, causing lengthy delays in workers receiving necessary medical and rehabilitation services.

(Also and interestingly) Premiums are calculated on the time it takes to return an injured employee to the workplace, so these delays are unfairly inflating insurance costs.

“A Post Implementation Review is urgently required to identify where and how the system needs to be improved. This review is also required to address the lack of confidence of employers and employees in the administration of the system,” Mr Cartwright said

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