AU Bureau of Statistics-only 27% of injured workers on workcover


The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a report on work injuries from July 2017 to June 2018 whic h shows that th number of of injured workers receiving financial assistance and workers compensation has  dramatically decreased.

Only 27% of injured workers on workcover: Australian Bureau of Statistics

According to the report, 4.2 % of the 13.4 million people working between July 2017 and June 2018 experienced a work injury or illness. Only just over half of those injured/ill workers received financial assistance (workcover). This means that the number of injured/ill workers NOT receiving assistance has increased from 39% (in 2013-2014) to a whopping 47%!

Conversely, the number of injured/ill workers who received financial assistance/compensation decreased from 35% (2013-2014) to only 27% in the last 12 months (2017-2018).

Of the injured workers who received financial assistance, 52% received workcover, and interestingly 45% did not even apply for workcover!  Of those 45%, 13% did not apply for workcover because they were not aware of workcover or not covered, and almost 10% did not believe they were entitled to workcover!

View the Australian Bureau of Statistics’s report here>>

If you have sustained a work relateed injury or illness, and this can be a mental condition, then you are entitld to workcover!

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