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I was a teacher and was injured at work when I tripped on a student.  I left work as my back was always crook and had a hard time sleeping because of the pain. I did not want to work with children being in pain and without any patience left.

we moved interstate so basically I am jobless as well as my hubby.  we went into Centrelink for job placement help but was informed by the caseworker that I cannot do it because I am having a WorkCover claim.  The problem was, WorkCover has never paid me anything since January and I was not even informed if I get any compensation. They called for my Centrelink pay from June to august  to be stopped and said  I owed money that WorkCover is paying. Centrelink informed me that they said I am owed money but my case worker said I am not entitled to any pay at all. these has been two months of no money coming in, it is getting more desperate for us. I don’t know where to ask for help?

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  1. you are entitled to provisional liability payments. Contact WIRO and SIRA.
    Its true that while you are on Workers Comp wages..any payments made by Centrelink must be repaid.

    Get a lawyer too.

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