Help! Employer intentionally delaying backpayments

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Does anyone know more info that could assist me with the below?

My Worker’s Compensation Claim for Stress leave due to bullying and harressment i was foprced to endure has been accepted s of the 14th of July for weekly payments and reimbursements.

The insurance company has advised me the employer has to pay the first 2 weeks as part of his premium and they have already paid my employer the rest of the back pay up until yesterday.  but my employer has not given it to me. Instead he is continuing to play  game, bully me, intimidate and create and inflict as much pain and suffering as possible.  he paid 1 weekly payment on Monday and another weekly payment last night but is still short of 7 weeks owing and come tomorrow another week will be owed.

Ive contacted the insurer so many times and they are useless. When my claim was accepted, they allocated it to a case manager who was on leave travelling the US and is still over there. umm wtf? So i have been getting no where with them and so i’ve lodged with ACCS for concilation but that could be weeks before anything happens and i don’t have weeks. Is there any laws, departments that can do something more and enforce these payments from my employer or force the insure to make the payment on their behalf and chase the money back up off the employer..?  Why am i made to suffer when i’ve had a accepted claim? Why would the insure enable my employer to bully further by allowing them to dictate my payments like this. They were aware of his history as i’d expressed concerns and explained of the financial hardship i was facing. I feel like i’ve exhausted all other avenues, so any assistance or further knowledge with fast tracking this  back pay to me would be MASSIVELY appreciated.

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  1. I would also advise ringing FairWork ombudsman and reporting your problems with the employer. Mention his continual bullying as well. It might scare him into abiding by the WC laws. FairWork can be quite a good way of getting something sorted quicker than conciliation.
    Ring your case managers number and get the team leaders contact details. Your case should have been assigned to another cm while yours is away. You are better off emailing as you then have a record of events.
    The only thing you can do is fight like the rest of us and Don’t give in.
    Unfortunately WC is incredibly corrupt as you are finding out. It took me 4yrs to get less than 30% of weekly wage.
    Kia Kaha

  2. Hi there
    You should definitely get yourself a lawyer and the lawyer will deal with it for you.
    There could be late payment or penalty interest owing to you as well that you should be able to recover too.
    Good luck!

    • Hi,
      I had a very similar experience back when my saga with Work Cover started back in 2014. I agree with Adam, “get yourself a lawyer”, and to take that a step further, if your lawyer is not performing as mine at the time was not, “Get Yourself Another Lawyer”.

      I was not paid for 8 months and after I started complaining properly the insurer started paying me directly. Yes, all of the back pay was recovered.

      Stick with it and never be afraid to question or complain. And always remember you are the injured party and bottom line, you are a human being worthy of respect regardless of injury.

      Kind Regards and Best Wishes

      • Have you tried the VICTORIAN workcover assist service? I have used them in the past and they were really useful and fought hard for my rights. They basically do the conciliation process for you with you and also give you a lot of info on how you can get things moving fast. Head on over here:
        Give them a ring. I am pretty sure they will be able to help you.

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