Back but not really


Hello my dearest fellow injured friends, (and  supporters.)

I know it’s been ages since I wrote anything on my site, and I apologise profusely, but let me assure you that not one day goes past where I don’t think about you all.

I remain in a shitty (xcuse me) situation, and essentially struggle to get through most days. My work injury, which ended up in a total reverse shoulder prosthetic about 4-5 years ago (after 10 surgeries and 2 near deaths on the table too – remember) is now really f***ed. The relief was short-lived with all the surgical complications etc, but I did have some reasonable months, even a couple of reasonable  years – well, at least compared to life with no prosthetic).

I am back on heavy duty pain killers and my total reverse shoulder prosthetic just falls out of it’s artificial socket or whatever it is.  Lifting more than 1 liter or 1 kilo is enough to pop that thing out, turning my arm inwards does it too, like opening a bottle cap or turning a knob. It is extremely painful, not inside the joint (which I no longer have) but the surrounding tissues and muscles etc take a massive hammering each time. It’s really ugly to look at too. See for yourself: (weird right muscle behaviour around shoulder prosthetic,-  so left of pic). Not too sure how much time I have left before the prosthetic will be removed, which will leave me with a useless flail arm (arm attached with skin, no joint, no tendons, no nothing, no prosthetic). But I know it’s a matter of months now.

Apart from that you may have noticed that I lost about half my body weight too. The stress I have (and still am) going through over the past 18 months or so has been and still is insane and very frightening. I have gone through an extremely horrific, personal life changing event, which I can’t disclose publicly.

Yet, if that is not enough, aworkcovervictimsdiary (me I guess as I am the administrator and owner of this site) has also been relentlessly sued,  since mid 2017, by a someone who works for the system who was mentioned on the site almost 4 years ago, in a Guest Post! This has put me right off blogging, I mean if you can’t even share what you know or believe to be important information, with your fellow injured readers about the workcover system, the inner workings of that sick system, including well documented and covered media articles and even TV interviews, then I don’t know what to think anymore.

‘They’ are really after the innocent and vulnerable people, like you and me, shut up those who have suffered immensely at the hands of the system and those who would like to help and inform and educate fellow injured sods, as to protect them a tiny little bit from the mental injuries that will -inevitably- be inflicted upon them by simply having been injured at work and having to go on that dark and very corrupt system.

So, a note of warning: be very very careful what you write publicly, they can and some will sue you for just about anything, even a copy and paste media article, a reference, etc. I voluntarily parted with workcover in 2015 (10 years after my injury), but as you can see it still follows and haunts me.

I will be back. Stay strong and look after yourself and each other.




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  1. Dear Workcovervictim,
    You are a brave person and I rexpect your commitment and dedication to the cause of many of us who have experienced the corrupt practices of the work over system. Best wishes for a successful resolution of your injury.

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