Workcover Disputes in NSW – Inquiry launched


Last week, NSW launched an inquiry into the possibility and feasability of a consolidated personal injury tribunal to resolve workcover disputes as well as CTP disputes. This was recommended by last year’s massive review of the NSW workers compensation system.

Workcover Disputes in NSW – Inquiry launched

The 2017 NSW workers compensation review  found that the current truncated dispute resolution process was seen as causing delays and was perceived to delivering, ahum, inconsistent decisions.

They also found that “not a single stakeholder” proposed to extend the workers comp scheme’s ünwieldy dispute resolution system”to CTP didputes, and among 26 recommendations, called on the state Gov to “consider the benefits of developing a more comprehensive specialised personal injury jurisdiction”.

Committee Chair Natalie Ward MLC said, in announcing the new inquiry last week, that it will consider where such a tribunal should be located and what legal (law) changes are needed, prior to recommending a pereferred model.

WIRO Kim Garling welcomed the news stating it’s “gratifying to see the entire Committee place such an importance on the welfare of the injured worker”. He further highlighted thesignificance of the whole issue by stating that the WIRO had helped over 80.000 injured workers resolve dispute with insurers over the past 5 years.

For more info, including on how to make a submission to the inquiries – by 17 June 2018 –  please see:  2018 review of the workers compensation scheme (NSW).


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