Trying to find employment after Workcover


The following article was anonymously submitted via our “submit a guest post” section, for which we are extremely grateful. The more injured workers contribute the better!

Injured workers try to get back to work as soon as they can, however they often face hurdles from prospective employers who see them as a risk, indeed.

Trying to find employment after Workcover – Is this even possible?

Trying to find employment after Workcover

I find the following statement on many employers job advertisements

including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disabilities, and people who identify as LGBTI.

Apparently it does not include people with an injury who have been on Workcover and can now return to work.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?  Also many applications are being specific about existing injuries that MAY be aggravated by working.

Seems to be a no win situation.  If you admit it you are overlooked.  If you don’t admit it and they find out you lose your job.

Sigh….. Where are all these so called “do not discriminate” employers?

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