130 weeks so close – workcover weekly payments


The following write-up was submitted via our Gust Post facility. It summarises the dreaded workcover 130 week cut-off weekly payments well.

130 weeks so close – workcover weekly payments


So my 130 weeks of payments is so close (May 26)

I have to find a job. I have no other form of income.

All help stops on this magical date.

I am having difficulty finding a job.

My case manager ignores me. I am 54.

My occ rehab company don’t seem to be exactly busting themselves to help me.  I have to jump up

and down to get a response from anyone.

I think I may have chosen the wrong lawyer but cannot change because of fees that will have to be paid.

My anxiety depression has gotten worse.

I find it difficult to face each day but present myself to the world with a mask, hiding my true feelings

I have considered suicide twice as I am struggling with being forgotten about and overlooked.

May 26 how I hate this date.

May 26 when I am on my own.

May 26 may just be third time lucky.

No cure. No help. No self-esteem. No Job.

No money. No belief. No way out. No life.

That may just be the answer for me, No life.

Please can someone help?



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  1. you can ask for an internal review. Furthermore you can go to conciliation. ive been through this myself. chin up

  2. Hope is there ….. CENTRELINK …. sadly they pick up the mistakes .. injustice and crap the state governments leave them. Its NOT your fault … ITS NOT personal … Its bloody impersonal and business … and unfair as hell. Sadly it is what it is … but the good folks of the federal government will pick up some peices … maybe only jobstart … with rent assistance BUT its HELP … and HOPE … maybe you do need full disability and they will help but like msot things will take time but from the governments view … FEDERAL that is … they will NOT be acting in bad faith from the word go. They WANT the best for you …. NOt the fuctiods as the state level.

    If the state insurers . who YES can and do cover 95% of the injuries well … if they DISPOSE of the libility and COST of the worst cases and YEP sadly your likely a sad sack of shit like the rest of us … you will more than likely be in for the full special treatment via lawyers …

    if your likely to need years of treatment and rehab … expect to be denied … truth has nothing to do with it …

    its cheaper to LIE and dump you off the cost side so … even if you fight … they just firgt harder and bring in more and more lawyers of IME’s or whatever …. until your exhausted mentally … financially and your relationship is if not broken … under extreme strain.

    No simple answer …its WRONG … what they do and one could only wish they all dropped ed … but for the state govts … they deliberatly DO no have to act in good faith for workers comp …. so they can deny till the cows come home. Well up to an extent at least ….

    if its going to take 15 years of income and other support in their own veiw and thy can tie you up legally for $200,000- despite it being wrong … thats what they do.

    If I had the stamina … Malfeasance case against the govt and their agents for me …. but sadly I do not have the stamina … which would be 3-5 years of legal hell. Once done however …. they would think TWICE about this scam. I am just a collateral damage victim myself … not the actual workcover victim … just the partner who stood up … no matter the cot and fought them. She got her award … but even after 5 years … I have NO fight left in me … but wish I did. The delail in her case actually broke the law … so too the appeals denials … federal laws v state ones so it supersedes the get out of free acting in bad faith … this was always in my exes case a deliberate denial ignoring all facts … laws and clearly 12 different appeals pre Workers comp which overturned it immediately and reinstated liability …. but the damage was done.

    Sorry rambling … maybe someone who has more stamina can take them under section 109 of the constitution to court and give them a massive headache

    Centrelink is the go … they deal with this mess every day

  3. When I read your post i thought someone was writing about me – my 130 weeks also finishes on May 26. Just goes to show you that you are never alone. We are all in this together. They just want to try and break us but they will lose in the end. Keep fighting like me my friend. You do whatever you have to to survive because in the end the good guys will win.

  4. Hold on, Hang in there. Don’t give up! NOTHING is worth taking your life over. NOTHING! Especially not those B#;s^7rds and their Bloody inhumane system. Don’t give them the satisfaction! They are no better than scum; excrement picked up on the soles of your shoes that you WILL be able to scrape free. Don’t cast your pearls before these swine and certainly don’t let them triumph by taking your life on their account. They are definitely not worth it. You are MUCH better and more worthwhile than them.

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