3 Responses to “Workcover Case manager: can I attend your next GP Visit?”

  1. This happened to me recently. Both the Worksafe agent and my employer’s work injury consultant pressured me to allow them to come to my GP and Physio appointments. I said no and wrote letter stating same, sending copy to GP. I then contacted my Union.

  2. Case managers (et al.) are only allowed to make written requests for information from your treating doctors, such as an updated medical report (which needs to be paid for) – they do not have permission to invade your doctor-patient relationship by calling your treating doctor “to discuss” matters behind your back and off the record. Let alone attend an appointment with you.
    There are many articles dedicated to this major issue, such as:

    – Workcover case manager: it’s all about influence and pressure on treating doctors: http://aworkcovervictimsdiary.com/2015/10/workcover-case-manager-its-all-about-influence-and-pressure-on-treating-doctors/

    – My workcover case manager insists that she talks to my Doctor. Should I allow this?

  3. Mate your doctors appointments are yours .. find a good doctor that will stand up for your rights as well .. unless it’s an extended and noted appointment with your rtw person . Never ever let them have in .. and when you do take a very trusted person with you

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