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National review of WHS legislation

We recently received an email informing us that a Marie Boland is conducting the 2018 review and is interested in hearing from everyone with an interest in the model WHS laws. This includes businesses and workers. Ms Boland wants to hear about what is working or not working in practice. You can provide a written submission, make a brief comment online, or participate in an online discussion forum. Please visit the consultation page on their Engage website to read the discussion paper and share your views and experiences. Please note that written submissions close next Friday, 13 April, but the discussion forums will remain open for a few more weeks.

National review of WHS legislation

All state ministers responsible for WHS have agreed to review the content and operation of the model WHS laws. This is the first time since the laws entered into force several years ago to explore how they are working in practice.

Safe Work Australia has appointed Marie Boland, previously the Executive Director of SafeWork SA, as the independent reviewer.

Boland will be travelling to all states and territories throughout 2018 to hold forums and meetings with interested stakeholders as part of the consultation process. Boland will be in Sydney and Tamworth next month on, or between, 26-29 March. The exact dates are yet to be confirmed.

She will give a briefing that will provide background information on the review along with an overview of key issues and trends. A facilitated feedback forum about specific NSW experiences, and the model package and process generally, will then follow.

Boland will be available to meet with the members of the NSW Business Chamber.

If you would be interested in providing your feedback, then please email us with your details. Our colleagues will contact you shortly to discuss your attendance at this session.

Email your name, company, email and contact phone number to along with an expression of interest in providing feedback on the WHS legislation and/or attending the consultation forum.

Please call Elizabeth Greenwood, Policy Manager, Workers Compensation, WHS and Regulation, NSW Business Chamber  02 9458 7078 for further information.

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