Workcover VIC and NT: new online resources


It has come to our attention that resources relating to workers compensation (workcover) in two jurisdictions – NT and VIC – have recently been released.

Workcover VIC and NT: new online resources

WorkSafe Northern Territory (NT)

WorkSafe NT has released Bulletin: Mediation process for workers compensation. It “explain[s] the mediation process in the resolution of workers’ compensation claim disputes under the Return to Work Act (the Act) and is the approved information bulletin relating to the mediation process pursuant to Regulation 13 of the Return to Work Regulations”.

WorSafe Victoria (VIC)

Good to know is that Worksafe Vic recently released Access to WorkSafe Claim Information Request Form. It was “designed to assist workers to access information relevant to their WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe) claim”.

2 Responses to “Workcover VIC and NT: new online resources”

  1. The Victorian form has been around for years, I’ve used it several times in the last 4 years to ask for information. I have even had some unexpected information included and some surveillance reports where the surveillance person mentions being on the property peeking through partially open blinds when we were not there!

  2. I recently have used this form before a conciliation hearing.
    They knew I need needed this info badly if I was to have any chance to succeed.
    They selectively sent me less than 1/4 than what was requested. That was a battle in itself. No explanations for where the rest of it was. Typical!!!!!!!!
    I think you would be better to send this request to VWA not your agent information team, (of course they are going to be helpful-NOT)
    I was initially quite hopeful but alas the system is still a lying sack of sh*t.

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