The answer to changing workcover insurance companies: debate


We recently received a rather highly controversial email from an injured worker. The aggrieved injured worker believes that ‘killing’ ‘defective’ workcover employees (such as case managers) is the answer to fixing our horribly broken workcover system. We believe that the fundamental problem is that of bad faith…

Insurance companies are in the business to earn money, to make a profit. As such, they learned long ago how to leverage situations so that they are able to delay and deny rightful claims. Many insurers, including those of worker’s compensation, and their case managers attempt to use stall tactics in an attempt to frustrate the claimant/injured worker sufficiently to get away with not paying claims.

Whilst we are by no means saying that all workcover insurance case managers are evil or unethical (some are nice and empathetic to your situation) fact is they are being paid to do a good job for their employer and doing a good job means making a profit for the workcover insurance company.

In other words, case managers get paid MORE, as a reward for paying LESS to the injured workers.

Making a profit for the workcover insurance company means getting —you the injured worker— to run (away) or settle your workcover case for as little as possible, and in order to do this insurers and case managers will use a wide range of dirty tactics, aimed at preventing you from obtaining medical and like treatment, compensation, benefits etc for a perfectly legit workcover claim.

Workcover insurance companies have incentive programmes for their employees (i.e. case managers). The more they save, the more they get paid. This is the same behavior that we  all see, all the time, from overly greedy case managers who seem to be so stubborn that we can’t possibly reason with them. Well, now you know, there is a very good $$$ reason that they are so unreasonable.

The answer to changing workcover insurance companies: debate

By: “Knocked to the ground and kicked”

Insurance companies do what they do because they can. How many times a day do they appear before the courts and told to do the right thing, without any penalties. If you or me where to continuously turn up before the courts for doing the wrong thing over and over would we be sent off to do the right thing ,with out any penalties? Sooner or
later we would be locked up.

Insurance companies do what they do for money. Yes they’ll say that they are going to look after you but that’s just to get your money that’s their main aim. their next priority is doing their best not to give it back.

I believe I know the answer to change this, stay with me to the end.

If everyone who has been ripped off by an Insurance company was to kill just one Insurance company employee, Insurance companies would have to change their policies because of the money that it would cost them (they wouldn’t care about their dead employees) it would just cost them more and more to replace them. Sooner or later they would have to do something. This would be the only way to change their ways, by attacking their pockets. The more they ripped off people the more it would cost them.

Now if your worried about the dead employees don’t. May be the first couple of weeks they don’t know what their employer is doing but after that they would. This is the thing, they can quit or continue working for the Insurance company. Those that choose not to quit are defective. There’s something lacking in their genes, they don’t care
what they do to us humans they are parasites and should be dealt with accordingly ( fleas ticks leaches intestinal worms etc).

Now I don’t say that their families should be treated the same but they should be watched (defective gene).

If anyone has a disagreement with what I say. I would be happy to debate this with them.

Knocked to the ground and kicked

Our Thoughts

The above mentioned workcover insurance incentive programmes result in what is called (and is recognised in civilised countries such as the USA and Canada) bad faith claims handling.

The problem as we see it is that Workcover insurers  in Australia have no common law good faith duties. Australia does not recognise the tort of acting in bad faith.  Further, there is no term implied in a workers compensation insurance contract that the insurer must act in good faith…

We believe that exterminating (killing) workcover employees such as (vicious) case managers is not the answer, but that the fundamental underlying problem of bad faith practices should be addressed instead. Bad faith practices should be heavily sanctioned until the practice is obsolete. Only then will the greedy system not attract greedy and soul-less employees, as there won’t be any bonus money to be made on the misery of injured and ill workers.

Meanwhile, dream on! Imagine a workcover system where proper and humane KPIs (Key Performing Indicators) would be measured and rewarded, such as “days to return to pre-injury health” (meaning ensuring the injured worker gets prompt medical treatment), “no secondary psychological injury” (= injured workers not made ill from their interactions with the system) etc.


[Dictated by WCV and manually transcribed on her behalf.]


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  1. Wow! Surprised this would be published…. But anyway Case Managers receive death threats and abusive contact all the time! Hence the reason you get a new case manager every month or so…. It is a job with one of the highest turn over rates, the employers don’t care about death threats or deaths because it can easily be declined by the work cover agent insuring that employer ( they don’t insure themselves!) as stated before the problem is within work cover – the insurers and case manager problems will not change until Work Cover changes…. Maybe if you started taking out the big guns at Work Cover lol

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    • The harsh reality few understand -and even fewer are willingly to express openly- is that when an injured worker is on the “system”, they start to lose control, and lack of control can often lead to desperation – and a desperate injured worker, “fed up” with the workcover system act out in different ways. Many desperate injured workers, like us, will vent their anger , rage and frustration on blogs and forums like; others send letters and/or emails documenting their horror stories, desperate situation and their frustration to politicians; a few – tragically- are so fed up with the system they choose to commit suicide because they feel hopeless; and as stated another very few become so enraged they will commit acts of violence, including homicide in a desperation to get better. It’s quite “natural” to feel this way, and such feelings need to be openly shared and discussed, hence the decision to publish the above shared email. At least here we understand such feelings and thoughts, but that is not to say that we approve of any type of violence. In fact we’re pretty much against it…However the question is how to we deal with such feelings and equally important, what can we really do to change the system?

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      • I think one of the biggest issue, and I do not believe I am alone in this, is being made to feel as if I am somehow being deceitful. Today, after my GP rejected my proposed RTW plan, my Case Manager got blunt with me, and as I have had a previous claim for a back injury, advised that I will lose my payments once the diagnosis of a disc injury is confirmed by the specialist. Quite strange considering it is a completely different set of vertebrae and discs involved. The issue of taking matters into my own hands and going all “postal” on Work Cover has crossed my mind, out of sheer desperation. I empathise with everyone on here, and am simply grateful and relieved to have this site on which to vent and share with like minded people 🙂

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  2. I agree with Knocked to the ground and Kicked. I wanted to exterminate my agent for all the pain and suffering I have been through and the amount of crazy they ended up making me. I actually figured out where are my agent lived after receiving surgery and not being approved for a post surgical medication. I went home from the hospital in pain with a pump still inside my body and no pain medicine. When my accident originally happened they refused to care for me and said that my head was not connected to my neck, so I received no treatment for my headaches and it took almost 3 months post accident to get an MRI that showed damage to my cervical spine.
    I think killing them is great there are these people that don’t care and they either need to be made to suffer or they need to be exterminated they are just as bad as any other abuser out there. You look to them for help you look for them to guidance and yet they beat you down and hurt you just kill them. To this day seven years later I still if I ran into my examiner I would really f?/k her up .

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  3. They would not hesitate to put you down if they could do so to save money so why not do the same to them if you can ? They treat us like dogs so why not run them down like the mangy dogs they are and that goes for their IMEs and anyone else who lies and cheats you out of your rightful entitlements. If you are injured it makes no difference if you suffer in jail or at home, at least in jail someone will look after you financially and give you decent treatment for your illness. Use LinkedIn and Facebook to get as much information about them and their circle of family and friends so you can track them down.

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    • Oh yeah , and if you get charged for running them down with your car you can always put the blame back on the insurance company for not providing you with proper treatment, not paying for the medication required,etc,etc. You’ll get enough media exposure to have your case settled and any trial by jury will almost certainly find you not guilty.

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      • Be careful with your encouraging revenge terminator please there’s a fine line of self control for a lot of people that have had theirs and their children’s lives ripped apart by the unconscionable work cover agents and investigators. No it’s not fair.. No the hypercrites wouldn’t accept their lives and families lives being manipulated and then if you are smart enough to track them you will realise they have no consience and in fact usually joke about their subjects cases, they’re used to dis associating and self justifying the destruction in vulnerable people’s lives , exacting revenge isn’t going to change that unfortunately. Doesn’t mean we don’t think about it.. But I don’t want to be like them tho and hurt some child’s parent reguardless of them having done that to me.

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