Workcover insurance sole purpose is to make money


Many people may not realise that workcover insurance firms are actually in the business to earn money. As such, they learned long ago how to leverage situations so that they are able to delay and deny rightful workcover claims and benefits. Many insurers attempt to use stall tactics in an attempt to frustrate the injured worker enough to get away with not paying claims.

Workcover insurance sole purpose is to make money

Our workcover law is meant to provide injured and ill workers with insurance coverage to compensate them for medical care, lost earnings and vocational rehabilitation as necessary. Designed as a no fault system, it is not supposed to be necessary to prove fault to obtain benefits. Many shared stories of injured workers however show an ongoing pattern of bad faith practices.

Insurance premiums are mandated by government agencies on an assumption that genuine, valid claims will be paid in a timely manner. When workcover insurance pays slowly, in part, or in some cases, not at all, these companies are able to rake in profits that they are actually not lawfully entitled to.

Some of the tactics that worker’s compensation insurance companies often use that interfere with rightful workcover claims:

  • Unreasonably delay payment while insisting that they are investigating “medical records”

Workcover insurers will often xtensively search an injured worker’s (full) medical history to find details in an effort to allege that a pre-existing condition is actually the cause of a work injury or illness, and not the work place

  • Send injured workers to doctors (IMEs) that they pay to be biased in a workcover insurer’s favour.
  • Workcover insurers will also often set unnecessary hearings that delay payments, or force injured workers to dispute their ill-funded decisions, making injured workers vulnerable and further complicate their injuries.
  • Workcover insurers will very often have private investigators follow and watch injured workers in hopes of alleging that the injured worker was not actually hurt, or as badly hurt as s/he stated while working.
  • Many workcover insurers will also commence a “fraud” investigation needlessly, and sometimes the will actually bring fraud charges against an innocent injured worker

These deceptive and at times fraudulent tactics are used by workcover insurers not only to deny claims, but to make it so frustrating for injured workers that they may harm themselves by working when they clearly should not be.

Any injured worker who finds that their worker’s compensation claim is being delayed or has been denied should immediately seek the assistance of a competent and experienced worker’s compensation lawyer who represents only injured workers.

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  1. The Government is the major beneficiary of the WorkCover System Funds. Then you have all the others who profit from the system like Insurers, the IME’s, PI’s, Solicitors etc etc…All you have to do is just read the Act. It’s not there to protect the health and welfare of workers, the purpose of the Act is “financial”. When people realize this and when we strengthen as a group and force some accountability by the Authority and get some changes to the Legislation, Policy and Procedures, then we are all pretty much doomed to continue to be battered about by the system. Sadly, it’s just the way things are.

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