The bastard laws of workcover


Our workcover system is not about care, compassion, truth, justice, fairness, equity or even honesty! It’s about money and power; about workcover insurance companies who will stoop to the lowest of levels to minimise their liabilities in every workcover case. In their eyes, injured workers are oxygen money thieves that suck in their mighty dollar profits!

The bastard laws of workcover

Even our lawyers – decent personal injury lawyers, specialised in workcover cases have their hands tied by workcover law(s) that is bought and paid for with big manipulative insurance industry money.

Have you ever wondered why the workcover staff such as case managers, even IMEs or defense lawyers (those who work for workcover insurers) never refer to you by your name, but by your claim number? If they did, they would have to admit that you were a human being, and would have to treat you like one, or at least a little bit like one.

WorkCover insurers and their various representatives so conveniently hide behind workcover legislation(s) beliefs and policies that they have paid millions of dollars (in political bribes) to get passed. WorkCover law(s) that prevent the injured worker to get any type of justice. Sadly, it is all about money and power.

The insurance companies have loads of money and they use it to buy political power. How else could they pass such bastard laws?!

We look back at the last 4 years, since we started, where we have tried to bring this important issue to the attention of Australian citizens. We created one of the most popular blogs for injured workers and we exposed the real workcover system.

What we’ve learned is that, yes, everyone wants things to change, but nobody seems to be willing to do their part to help achieve some success. Let’s face it, even injured workers’ lawyers simply ignore the fact that they have huge source of media access. No one wants to get involved. No one wants to participate. And we here at aworkcovervictimsdiary are just plain tired of beating our heads against the wall.

And what about the workcover insurance companies and their defense lawyers, and even their so called ‘expert witnesses’ who completely lose fact that there are human beings involved here (injured workers) but are way more interested with winning cases than doing what is morally right. Both workcover defense lawyers and their hired guns (IMEs) and continue with their immoral goal of winning as many cases as possible as to get more business from the insurers. After all, they are only as good as their last case, aren’t they?!

And then there are the phony injured workers’ advocacy organisations that are popping up all over the web, screaming and yelling about how unfair the workcover system is, but with no logical avenue or solution to this mess, except to take the workcover victim’s last dollar! And then there are some unions, who are simply after your money.

It’s going to have to be a political solution. Legislation that is bought and paid for by workcover insurance money has to be changed or there will never be no solution.

Thank you to all who support us. We couldn’t do it without you.

If you are interested in helping with this cause and being part of some sort of cure, share your stories, write an article, become a co-author, and perhaps consider a tiny donation to keep us afloat.

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