Preliminary customer survey results for WorkCover NSW


Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet announced on 17 July the preliminary results of a “comprehensive” survey of injured workers focusing on their experiences with the NSW workers compensation system.

Preliminary customer survey results for workcover NSW

Minister Perrottet said early feedback from respondents showed the majority of workers felt the main issues with the system were a lack of case manager support and a need for better access to information. [Really? Is that all?]

“Injured workers are the number one priority for the workers compensation scheme and this survey was about understanding what we can do to make it better for them,” Minister Perrottet said.

“While some injured workers have had positive experiences, we can see many are concerned about better information and timely communication, financial support for medical services and retraining, and being supported by their employer and insurer.

“The Government is serious about full and frank discussions with its stakeholders, which is why this survey has been coupled with a comprehensive stakeholder engagement program with key industry players and a series of injured workers forums.”

Minister Perrottet also released an online video of a recent injured workers forum in Sydney where key WorkCover executives and the Minister heard directly from injured workers about their experiences.

“The forum was about reaching out to the individuals who experience the system on a day to day basis but whose stories are rarely told. The video provides the faces and voices of those who responded to the survey and a snapshot of some of the issues they raised.”

“Whether it’s reskilling and education, better access to information, better interaction with scheme agents, or improved access to transition benefits, it is clear the NSW Government has a lot more work to do in this space.”

“I have asked WorkCover NSW to examine these results closely and determine how best to put the customer at the centre of what they do.”

The full results of the customer surveys and qualitative forums will be available next month. The video can be viewed below or at:

Download a copy of complete media release here.


28 Responses to “Preliminary customer survey results for WorkCover NSW”

  1. Gee, I wish the minister could see my file notes where it shows how the insurer conspired with their solicitors to get me to a particular IME because they had already advised that IME what they wanted found. When they got the report it was just what they wanted but I had made so much fuss about it in my complaints to the insurer they didn’t know whether to use the fraudulent report but that didn’t stop the insurer giving it to my ex-employer to see what they thought about whether to use it. In the end it was all too obvious so my claim got settled without the IME report they told me was so necessary to settle my claim. The biggest problem apart from case managers making medical decisions is the use of false and misleading reports in claims management to determine rights of injured workers and this really needs to be looked at by all those authorities concerned.

    Bashed and bullied September 21, 2015 at 4:10 pm
  2. Most companies are unethical when it comes to their bottom line.

  3. I think your making excuses in their approach to new employees bunny lol but I agree. There are some good ones and their hands are tied with caseloads. I also agree the judicial systems a problem controlled by scheme agents when it comes to enforcing the law in the workplace. Australia no longer has a reputation for a fair go in my eyes while the insurance companies control as much as they do. And yes I know I’m only repeating a lot of people’s misery on this site. ? thank you to the creator of it.. Misery loves company and some days I would have been a donkey crossed over the edge if I hadn’t had the opportunity to see I was not alone in my hell experience of workers comp right after the misfortune of being employed by one of the most unethical companies I’ve known.

  4. WorkcoverVictim, please check out that video on google, and leave your comment (if you choose to make one). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Minister Perrottet was genuine? – Let’s hope he is! As a matter of fact, there is not much hope left for us injured workers. I try hard to talk my anger down when it comes to securing a decent, SUITABLE, and sustainable job in the future, but I’m lost as to where to start looking, at my age I have already tried several different fields of employment in my younger days but most I just didn’t fit with. Yes, I’m worried about my future. And whist my injury is stable, it’s not going away, so I know I’ve got some unforeseeable challenges in what ever direction a new job may present itself. I take one day at a time.

  5. NSW workers’ comp scheme acts to stop ‘revolving door’

    27 July 2015

    WorkCover NSW will consult with scheme agents and their case managers to improve processes, a spokesman has told

    Injured workers have “raised concerns about what some describe as a revolving door of case managers and a lack of uniformity in the way their cases are handled”, he says.

    “The Government is focused on putting the customer at the centre of the workers’ compensation process, and to that end is examining the processes currently in place and how they can be improved. A part of that involves better and ongoing interaction and consultation with scheme agents.”

    Feedback will feature in a final engagement report, which will include input from key industry groups including business and workers.

    The scheme agents in NSW are Allianz Australia Workers’ Compensation, CGU Workers’ Compensation, Employers Mutual, GIO General and QBE Workers’ Compensation.

    The Government has released early results from a survey of injured workers, which shows quick resolution of queries is the biggest driver of satisfaction with insurers. Others are the ability to understand workers’ claims, professional and courteous service, and ability to provide information on next steps.

    Finance, Services and Property Minister Dominic Perrottet says the survey shows lack of case-manager support and access to information are key concerns for injured workers.

    “While some injured workers have had positive experiences… many are concerned about better information and timely communication, financial support for medical services and retraining, and being supported by their employer and insurer.”

    The minister has published a video online that shows him consulting with injured workers, one of whom had up to 15 case managers in a year.

    In the video he says more consistency is needed on case management.

    “I think that would help these people in terms of their outlook and in terms of their return to work.

    “Whether it’s reskilling and education, better access to information, better interaction with scheme agents or improved access to transition benefits, it is clear the NSW Government has a lot more work to do in this space.”

    The full results of the survey will be available next month.

    Mr Perrottet declined to comment on recent reports that WorkCover NSW will be split into three separate authorities, to resolve conflicts of interest and tackle perceptions it is “pro-employer”.

  6. Where are the bloody UNIONS and why don’t they use some of their power to help fix the problems?????

    • Unions don’t approach new employees they’re too busy looking after who’s ass their licking so chances of eradicating bad culture are non existent. No one to enforce our laws what’s the point of them? The Pollys aren’t concerned but with that much multiculturalism in our country and no boundaries being enforced .. They will wonder why we will end up loosing control of our own country soon.. Or have they already? After all what do our laws mean when they’re not enforceable and in the work place of all places..

      • Hectic, some unions do fight for the rights of their workers including new employees, but they are hog tied by government legislation, like restricting pay increases to 2.5% for public workers in NSW. They are also constantly fighting to get new members and distracted by endless abuses of working conditions, this is not an excuse just an explanation of why they are not fighting hard enough for injured workers. I know in NSW, they have a campaign being waged about workers comp and they are also challenging the changes to Comcare. One of the biggest problems is that many people do not think they need to be in a Union and that has been constantly thrown at us by the Murdoch media and the endless Royal Commissions. Just like I detest fraudulent injured workers, I also detest corrupt union officials as both of these types make it so hard for the genuine injured worker and union reps. I think one of the biggest problems we have is actually with the judicial system. The government creates the legislation and it can only be challenged by going through the courts or waiting for the government to be voted out. Lawyers and Court costs are prohibitive in Australia which is why justice seems to be reserved for the rich (Joe Hockey awarded $200,000 for defamation???? much, much more than any injured worker will ever get even though he actually lost a lot anyway)

        Unfortunately the only way to change the legislation is through the courts. Take the Goudappel decision for example, if you read the actual decision it does say that the government does not have the right to retrospectively apply those amendments, even though it took away Goudappel’s right to compensation because of budgetary and timing factors. However not one injured worker (before July 2012) that I am aware of has taken any insurance company to account over this. Why? Cost of legal help to do it.

        The only way that things can improve at the moment is through the courts mandating that the laws are illegal and to get to that will take an enormous amount of money and a belief you will succeed. The other way is to continue to fight any way you can – protests, letters, petitions. It is an inhumane system controlled by inhumane people, but it will not always be like this because it was not always like this in history.

        • You’re always on the money with what you say Bunny. Have you checked out the Workcover video’s on Google? You can get the link from this site (which is how I got it) – the video of the minister perotett and the injured workers – all 3 of them. Everyone needs to check it out and leave your comments – I left mine. It’s another way to get the message out there – that injured workers are being put last.

        • hi bunny I have written the petition so many times I need help would you write it and I will post it for us all

  7. HI Bunny I hope to get this petition up tonight calling for a ROYAL COMMISSION into work cover ,can you all start sending your stories to Alen Jones and a reporter who would be all over this but I think his name is Andrew Canelly I will check on it

  8. Francis, they just love to waste time and tax payers money – they’re sooo good at it! I wonder how much it costs to put the pathetic survey out. The libs, workcover and their insurers = ZERO CREDIBILITY and don’t we injured workers know it.

  9. The Hon Minister Perrotttet together with senior executives of Workcover NSW carried out this survey similar to many before with identical results a waste of peoples money. You cannot fool all the people all the time. If they really want to resolve the issue they probably know they need to survey the employers and employees of Workcover and its agents. And publish the results of that survey if they really want to convince the people.

  10. Words are cheap minister. I know I will never get a decent, suitable, sustainable job ever again. Am I pissed off? You’d bet I am. If you want credibility minister, you better get acting to change the workers comp system. You don’t need to consult with workcover or insurers – they’ve had their run, just get it right now for the injured workers – the very people who should be at the core of what you propose – anything else would just be another lie from the liberal government.

    • Dear JustMe,its all for show yes words are cheap and that’s what they are.Its all too fool the public into thinking that they care about injuried workers.Until they get injuried and get thrown into the system and then its SHIT.Yes people that’s right its SHIT and more.These pollies need or their families members need to get hurt and learn first hand what happens.Can you imagine tony abbott falling over at the lodge and injuring himself,going off to an IME and so on.

      • Tony, the Federal politicians have their own separate Workers Compensation scheme where they are covered for long periods of time with full pay and no case managers to harass them. Do as I say, not as I do.

  11. The spin doctors have been working overtime! It will be really interesting to see how detailed &/or selective the “full results” will be next month. Mmmmmmm!

  12. @Bunny – you literally took the words out of my mouth! I too am mortified reading the survey’s main findings! Surely the survey must have been selectively manipulated and/or censored?!

    • some one got a big pay off ,because I put on it I was going to commit suicide this is bull the whole thing a waste of time ,I have asked Bunny to write it up on change a petition maybe with a little twist we could get some of us hopefully all will do it and post our stories ,one a day let the people of Australia see and read what goes on

      • Great idea Suzanne but I am a novice with change and it might take me some time to work it out, however I do not mind anyone
        with greater expertise using my comment for helping injured workers. Anything that helps us is more than worthwhile.

        • can we do a petition will this site support us? I can get my daughter to do it tonight Would any one else like to do it ? if not I will thanks bunny for letting us use some of your post

  13. So lack of information and lack of support are the most important things??????????? What about lying IMEs, case managers and rehab providers? What about refusal of medical treatment? How about not taking pain into consideration for whole body impairment, who thought up that barbarity? What about falsified medical reports from IMEs and IMCs who are barely qualified to apply a bandage let alone assess a medical problem? How about the constant harassment through e mails, phone calls and letters? Oh let’s not forget intrusive surveillance from overpaid private investigators. What about IMCs who make assessments of you having never met you, then harass your doctor to change your certificate? What about throwing people off WC when they have not recovered? How about the suggestions for jobs that are demeaning and tokenistic and even though it is not supposed to be done it is in the guidelines not the legislation so the case manager gets away with it. How would you like to be treated like dirt and made to feel like a criminal Perrottet? I could write a huge reference book on what is wrong with this system, but I am sure Perrottet, Baird and the Insurance companies are more than happy with what it is now. (Every single Liberal party member indicated that they would not change this disgusting system we have now at the last NSW election) What to the NSW government appears to be a way to save employers money, make sure rorters (all 0.05% of them) are caught and discourage injured workers from even using the system is not a functioning efficient system, it is the equivalent of institutionalised water boarding of injured workers and you should all hang you heads in shame for implementing it. Have you never heard of the concept of Human Rights? Because you have been denying them to us since June 2012.

    • Bunny I beg you write all this up on change the site we can place a huge petition on stating some cases and demanding a royal commission what the hell have we got left to lose they have taken so much I will sign and our familys will sign lets do it

    • Hmm, I have just had my day in court, applying for serious injury certificate. Seems the more injured you are the less likely you are to be granted the elusive certificate, I’m still in shock that I have too many injuries, a serious injury cert can only be issued if one injury is causing your inability to work and partake in life as you once did…. Apparently the TAC barrister is a better Dr than all the Drs I have seen, and my Barrister not much faith in his client. My Lawyer was caught overseas for my 3 days in court, I was told that court wouldn’t wait. It was too hard to disentangle my injuries so they said and I was bullied into signing a withdrawal. I was prepared to pay the estimated costs of TAC just to hear the judges verdict. At least one has the right to appeal a negative outcome. The judge had made a ruling and TAC wasn’t happy and was going to appeal the ruling, if I was successfully they were going to appeal. I think my team was paid off. And as I signed their withdrawal I have no right to re apply. As adamant as I was I wanted to hear the verdict the more adamant they were I shouldn’t go back into the court room.
      So to all of you with chronic pain, watch very carefully how you go about seeking medical help. I answered all questions and demonstrated I was able to do what the TAC said was preventing me from work. What prevents me from work is an inability to type for long periods, multitask, memory loss and bad ass headaches, neck and referred pain into my shoulder. (All related to my neck) They say my hip, knees and low back prevent me from working. I’m not a vindictive person but I hope that one day they all get to feel my pain.
      I still lose my home, my kids inheritance, and now have no hope of compensation for something that was not my fault. Where has our ability to claim fair compensation gone…
      My legal team called no witnesses, only Dr reports, my clients would have testified as to my hours of work and problems with work.

      • @WooWoo- What a shitty rough ride! Really sorry to hear that once again the system wins.Why is it when the injury is complicated or doesn’t fit neatly into one of their boxes, it becomes our fault? Just when you finally manage to get to court after endless waiting (I imagine) they all stick together. The whole legal system with regards to injury is sickening to witness or be involved in. Why were your lawyers not more pro active?? Were they not making enough money? No hope of taking it to Supreme Court?
        Stay strong WooWoo- you’re better than them

        • @MadChef, I am making enquiries. Shine have given me a lead I will follow up on, unfortunately they don’t cover what I need to find out about. Just them giving me the lead though is appreciated.
          I feel so down heartened, but am a fighter so will pick up somehow.
          Thank you.

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