Life is hard but I try my best to keep living


This is my true story of suffering both mental and physical disability since 2009.

In October 2009 while I was driving a bus for a company I was behind a another bus driver who was talking on his mobile phone and as he drove through an intersection he put his left indicator on so I continued to enter the intersection when suddenly the bus in front of me started doing a U turn. I remember feeling the extreme terror and disbelief when I saw this happening and I instinctively turned right in an attempt to make it through the intersection and onto the right turn before the other bus had a chance to complete his U turn.

Suddenly I felt a huge impact on the left side of my bus which rang and shook violently like a bell before coming to a stop with the horn blaring. It took 30 minutes for the horn in my bus to stop sounding and I still feel extreme anxiety whenever I hear a horn sounding in another vehicle. In the mean time I later found out that I had been knocked unconscious most likely after my left knee had impacted violently with the inside of the bus and all I can recall is getting up from my seat and asking if everyone in my bus were ok and I recall a passenger saying to me, “don’t worry about us, what about yourself”.

My passengers were knocked around with some being flown from the left side of my bus to the right side and a couple had head injuries. I recall the other driver of the other bus who did the illegal U turn was very abusive to me after I went to talk to him to ask him why he did that U turn. Of course at the time he was trying to hide the fact that he had been holding and talking illegally on his mobile phone and he probably didn’t even know that I was behind him. I just walked away from him.

It took about 6 weeks but I started noticing that my left knee just did not feel right and it felt as if I were walking on bone in my knee. Also during those 6 weeks, I had been struggling with a very battered, cut and bruised body and uncontrollable bouts of anxiety and deep sobbing and crying.

I reported my sore knee to my doctor and my previous employer however my previous employer was not very sympathetic with my condition and in fact I discovered that my previous employer used lots of “bullying” tactics during my employment with them up to 2012.

I eventually went on to the Australian Workcover System and commenced seeing a psychologist in 2010. I discovered that workcover was a whole new level of evil and the case manager’s working for the insurance company were extremely manipulative, cruel and uncaring of my welfare and of course after hearing of other people’s experiences of the the Australian workcover system, I have learnt that workcover are most definitely not there to help any injured workers.

It took 3 years of battling with insurance and workcover to finally get my first knee operation in February 2013. Of course by then the damage to my knee and mental health had well and truly been done and in July 2015 after battling with workcover for 14 months, I had to undergo a 2nd knee operation.

In an attempt to take their evil to a whole new level, the insurance company managed to pay a corrupt psychiatrist to say in a report that the 2009 accident had not been the cause of my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and extreme depression with suicidal Ideation. I have had a team of other psychiatrists and psychologists all verify that the 2009 accident did indeed cause my poor mental health so I still can not believe how insurance managed to have their psychiatrist say otherwise!

I am still suffering from extremely poor mental health and my left knee continues to cause me great grief. I will always be stuck to using a walking stick and occasionally a walking frame for when my back and spine become too sore because of the walking stick.

Workcover are now trying to get me to find new employment because my previous employer managed to dismiss me in March 2012 and I then had to relinquish my licences to drive a bus and carry passengers. Workcover refuse to acknowledge my poor mental health and expect me to return to a new job as if nothing is wrong with me.

My Lawyers, have been my guiding light through all of this and I am hoping that soon, after winning my case against the other driver, I will receive some compensation to help me keep living my life.

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  1. Hi everyone,talk about the lengths these so called PI’s will go to.I have a silent phone number nobody knows it not even my family,just me and my provider knows.I get a SUS call with this man claimimg to be from a company (have to limit details) asking all these questions,well it stood out so much.I said hello Mr PI how are you.I then proceeded to give him by numbers the mistakes he made,and at the end I said you have obtained my number illegially,so either you are a cop doing pi on the side or you have a friend in the force,so I will be filing both a written and verbal complaint to the various persons,and I hung up.This is the shit we go through what a scum bucket.

  2. David, sorry to hear of your ordeal over the past several years. I know how hard it is to struggle with mental health issues with the insurer hell bent on trying to bully you out of the system.
    I was diagnosed with PTSD, extreme depression with suicidal thoughts following a workplace assault with threats of further violence. I was told it was unlikely that I would ever work again because of the PTSD.
    I don’t know which state you are in, (I’m in NSW) I settled my claim with the insurer and made contact with Traumatic Stress Clinic (02) 8627 3314 or it is ongoing research into trauma and part of the Uni of NSW. There is no charge (they assess potential participants over the phone first) and I am now able to manage my symptoms, so much so that I have been able to get some employment.
    I still suffer from depression, but it is now manageable. I still see my psychiatrist, but only when I get really down and some extra support.
    So David, there can be relief from the mental trauma, once the insurer’s henchmen (lawyers, rehab providers, PIs) are off your back.
    Good luck with it all man!

  3. Sorry to hear your ordeal. Noticed you mentioned Evil a few times and I absolutely agree with you. injury’s just make you hurt, WorkCover makes you a victim. Unfortunately though, some of us just cannot escape.
    Have you ever pondered going to Church, As I think you just met the Devil.

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