Allianz TMF spill the beans part 3


Further to “Whistle Blower”‘s most enlightening guest posts Allianz whistle blower spills the beans and Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 2 here comes the much anticipated Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 3, giving the injured worker more of an understanding into what it’s like working for Allianz from a senior case managers perspective and shedding light onto there dodgy practices for all to see.

Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 3

Hush Hush back door policy, spying on injured workers and employees via Facebook and duping DEC (department of education & communities) auditors with best cases upfront and dodgy up the back.

So here is part 3 of my Bean spilling sessions about Allianz, giving the injured worker more of an understanding into what it’s like working for Allianz from a senior case managers perspective and shedding light onto their dodgy practices for all to see.

Allianz first and foremost have a massive fear of anyone damaging their credibility as a good insurance company and they are willing to go towards the end of the earth to either shut you up or ruin an individual’s good name.

Hush Hush back door policy

The following policy that I’m about to mention is unofficial and not even talked about or questioned amongst staff out of fear of getting into shit from management and hindering your career progression up the Allianz ranks.

This back door policy is mostly self-explanatory, when an employee is no longer deemed suitable or fit for their role for any reason, regardless of whether they have been with Allianz from a month to 10+ years, they are automatically shitted out the back door. That’s literally it!! No good bye’s with fellow staff, not even a chance to empty out there draws for personal belongings, they are gone and forgotten by Allianz. I’ve seen this happen frequently to new and old alike, and the best reason for this is that Allianz is a strictly a business and not a social gathering, seems very contradictory if Allianz emphasises and markets out to new employees to be a socially inclusive organisation

Spying on injured workers and employees via Facebook

This is nothing new as many injured worker would agree, Allianz investigations have confirmed in meetings that they have an agreement with Facebook to probe anyone and everyone’s profile page relevant to business operations, regardless of privacy settings and it is not only confined to injured workers+ friends but also allianz employees who add Allianz on FB as their employer and their friends, once again as I’ve witnessed many Allianz staff have been pulled into the meeting rooms because Allianz does not agree with some of their posts, so best advice for injured workers and Allianz staff as they now have a whiff of the beans- stay off the Grid!! It will benefit you

Duping DEC (department of education & communities) auditors with best cases upfront and dodgy up the back

Yes Allianz TMF has a mullet and this happens every time there’s and audit, Allianz is outright guilty of it just like any other billion dollar corporation.

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  1. Why do we bother with Lawyers:
    I’ve had lawyers for the past 5yrs- well actually I’m on my 4th lawyer from this same firm (biggest no win no fee company)as the juniors get moved around all the time. But they do nothing.
    I have had 9 conciliation’s, 1 medical panel and magistrates court (which I paid separately for & 4.5yrs to even get a hearing), aside from court, I have not had one bit of help.
    I had a conciliation not filed by lawyers- took six months to sort out and get a hearing.
    They seem to just take the money.
    So now they want me to sign off (as claim at 6yr mark) all for a measly 10k
    This is despite the fact my injuries are not stable and thru Allianz delays I have developed CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome- check out McGills Pain Scale) a debilitating pain condition that progressively gets worse and I have had it for over 5 yrs to date and it is now chronic end stage.
    So far in the past 8 months my medical bills have come to $300k after 2.5month stay in Epworth. My pain clinic bills are outrageous and ongoing for the rest of my life.
    Yes I could get 30% impairment, especially since my CRPS has spread and now affects 1/2 of my body- but as we all know WC will make sure you don’t reach it.
    Also I have been very lucky and managed to keep my wages being paid still at the 5.5yr mark (after a massive fight at conciliation).
    So its pretty obvious that the lawyers don’t give a shit either.
    Take my “$10K” WC payout- 65% to lawyers, plus disbursements- say $2000 conservatively Then that comes to $8500- so for $1500 I’m meant to walk away and go on the dole/sickness benefit and then pay for my medical bills
    REALLY are they for REAL.
    so can someone, anyone, tell me WHY DID I BOTHER WITH A LAWYER!! (now that I have been crippled for life and bankrupted)

    • Hi Madchef,

      I’ve known you a while on here. I’m soo sorry to hear what you have been thru. So have you gone down the Common Law path or are you still on weekly payments. Is that your impairment benefits payment you are talking about. Might pay to stay on weekly payments from WC than go on disability. I’ve finally engaged a Solicitor and going down the Court path. Had a meeting today and they hadn’t done anything. I think you really need to run these things yourself and use them as puppets, but you’re right you still need to pay for the privilege. I steered clear of the Firm I think you have for the reasons that you mention. They were taken to Court for overcharging on their fee’s. One worker was charged over $30 just for phone calls back and forward to the receptionist. I’ve been in this a lot longer than you but it doesn’t get any easier. I know you’re dealing with a lot. Stay strong and remember you have people here to support you. If I know where you are at with things I might be able to give you some advice.



      • Thanks Bob for your reply. No common Law claim. Had lawyers over charge for super with a bill that had absolutely no break down just a massive flat fee. I requested a itemised bill and was told that there would be items not charged previously so too expect my bill to increase.
        Tell me that’s not blackmail!!

        Even my lawyer mate was shocked by it.
        I know you have to fight but health dictates this for me. I’m back in hospital for another 2+ months. Will see what happens after. Can WC just cancel my weekly wage reimbursements when 6yr mark is reached??

        Just received a package from lawyers yesterday with a million forms to sign off on- not that they have asked me what I want, haven’t even spoken to previous lawyer all of last year & nothing from this one I’ve had apparently had since Jan 2018?? 4th lawyer so far! It’s crap & a massive scam between these big firms & WC.

        Barrister did a shit job (paid that separately as well) no FOI research (only just found that out) and forced to settle for 30% at Maj court- still better than $200pw for 4yrs lol.
        But if they had done their bl**dy research it would have been a very different outcome.
        Hi to all wcvd crew, so glad you’re back.

        Cheers MadChef

        • Hi MadChef,

          So sorry to hear what you’re going through. If you have problems with a legal firm/solicitor for their work or charges you can make a Complaint to the Legal Service Commissioner. Here is a link about charges that might help you:

          I would recommend that you do a complete FOI request on your entire file yourself. It will probably blow your mind. Expect that they won’t give you most of it but there is the FOI Commissioner that deals with that. I’ve had to resort to that and the VCAT. VCAT can make Order to make them provide documents. If you need help with doing a request, just post on here and I can help you. The f**kers need to be held accountable.

          I’m not sure about your current situation and what’s going on. There is nothing that I know of about terminating you after 6 yrs, I’ve been on it for more than double that. They can terminate weekly payments if you get a payout though (e.g. Super or a Common Law settlement) but it depends on the circumstances.

          One thing that I have found helpful was to revoke & revise my medical Authority and keep up monitoring my Claim thru FOI. Access under the WIRC or ACA Act still gives them too much power to withhold stuff and do cover-ups.

          Hope things are going a bit better for you. Keep us posted.



      • Meant charged $30,000 for receptionist calls. How ludicrous!

  2. ombudsman are corrupt wrote more than 10 times wont answer what accs has taken out of conciliation without my permission sent a letter and 2 signature post letters to accs no response when i told my lawyers want to prosecute accs they sent me an apology more than 2 times in the the letter saying sorry making excuses a lot bullshit to save there ass corrupt dogs convicts racist pigs karma the hole system is run by corrupt convict pigs go back to tasmania

    • Hey, ya not bloody wrong!! Corrupt as all hell. Goes further than just work cover and lawyers in pockets too. They dont call parliament house corruption hill for no good reason.. hey this is really really important. Was your employer insured? Did the insurer ever issue you or your dodgy lawyer a Form 3(c) (Insurers Notice where no decision about liability) Shonky tactics being used for some time now and hopefully it will all come to the surface real soon. Even if they ended up accepting your claim or if it has been settled already, if your employer was insured and issued a form 3c please email me. It might be very worth it.

  3. shine lawyers corrupt the hole system is corrupt. god will fix you convicts

  4. naomi riggs caroline flake from shine lawyers and accs and ALLIANZ are all scum and corrupt watch your current lawyers and barristers MW VM not to be partake in the corruption to minimize sabotage pay to disabled victims for life no fault of there own who have to live with chronic pain for the rest of their lives karma god will fix you and your families watch out accs will take staff out of conciliation without your permission corrupt dogs mmm

  5. I reckon they’d all be pretty much the same. No surprises here. I was with alliance for years, never made a claim. But then some jokers tried to give me a hard time, makes no sense at all. Needless to say, I changed insurer.

  6. Not at all surprised by any of this, again thankyou. Is it possible to find out why Allianz employees are sacked in the first place? Any generic examples? Please do not stop the exposes, they are enlightening and informative.

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