Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 2


Further to “Whistle Blower”‘s most enlightening guest post Allianz whistle blower spills the beans“, here comes Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 2 – Arts and crafts, clueless senior management , nazi style legacy & cult like end of month meetings…served with alcohol and caviar!

Allianz TMF bean spilling session part 2

By “Whistle Blower”


Well I’m back again spilling some more beans out of the barrel and giving people more of an insight into what it’s like to be with Allianz TMF,

Arts and crafts!

I am not making this one up (!). As part of our performance reviews to get a satisfactory rating at the end of the year we were frequently required to participate in team building activities, which at first seemed fair and reasonable, but with the regular tight deadlines and yes more claims then each case manager could handle yet be experienced with alone, we were forced to make papier-mâché Easter eggs, elaborate decorative hats and other creative shit that was always judged by management and for some reason the exact same teams always won ( remember who you know and how much dick your willing to suck) , now I was all for the occasional team fun and games but respectively we are adults, it was just another waste of time and inefficiency which the injured worker always paid the cost.

Clueless senior managers

(Do I need to say more? – the super big wigs upstairs probably have know idea about what is going on, down on the floor).

Allianz: a German Company with links to the nazis

Thirdly let’s remember that Allianz is a German company that was in operation during the Second World War and did have links with the nazis. As far as TMF NSW is concerned it has been likened by many of my fellow peers to still retain a degree of dictatorship and favouritism in its ranks, I also agree that there is a degree of truth to these references.

Monthly meetings with expensive alcoholic drinks and caviar

Finally the end of month meeting which always occur on the last Friday of every month at 4:00pm where it is further mandatory for everybody to attend and sit through an elaborate hour of overhead projector presentation( including various expensive alcoholic beverages, caviar, finger food plates -expensive shit that is always binned right after the meetings– If your ever hungry go through The bins at Allianz TMF in the Sydney CBD and you will have an expensive Friday night dinner .

Monthly team awards – the more claims and benefits to injured workers denied the greater chance at the “award”

[note by Admin: Maybe we should call them Vultures of the Month Award!]

On point the meetings mostly comprised of monthly team awards which I mentioned before that the teams with highest declines always get awards (always the same people and teams which is biased again), discussion of new strategy (nobody ever listened to them anyway either due to the alcohol or because they were the exact the same strategy that was already in practice) etc… – point is, the workers fall hook line and sinker for it every time and continue to stay with Allianz doing company’s dirty work!


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  1. It’s strange I know but I use to have all my insurances with Allianz. They were good for me and I thought they gave me a good deal on my insurances – until I became an injured worker. Even though my claim was with QBE, Allianz all of a sudden treated me differently. Now as my insurances come up for renewal, I’ve decided to go else where. Allianz has lost such a good customer in me – I was with them for years, not any more.

  2. I been in the NSW WorkCover system since 2010 and my Insurer is Allianz. Since the NSW 2012 Legislation changes to WorkCover Allianz now try’s to refuse almost everything with my claim, even when their own doctor reports supports the liability/claim, its just that crazy!
    I really appreciate what this ex Allianz TFM has posted because these insights into Allianz work practices seems to give an explanation as to the manner in which Allianz are treating me. My Lawyer and I have just spent the last 3 months getting (WIRO) funding for my WorkCover Commission case against Allianz for an intervention into a claim matter that should have been a straight forward acceptance. Thank you to the person who has spilled the beans on Allianz I certainly believe you!

  3. This person is just a disgruntled former employee of Allianz with their own axe to grind. As an injured worker I don’t find anything they have said of interest or relevant to injured workers and I find their comments about Nazi’s offensive. Personally, I wouldn’t give them any airtime.

    • @Ian, I agree. Nothing this ex Allianz employee has said is particularly insightful or concerns injured workers and I don’t what beans they are spilling…Allianz employees have to participate in silly team building games…wow how unusual…do I care…nah…that happens in workplaces everywhere.
      They sound like an 18 yr old that got the sack, the obnoxious nazi comment is the only insightful comment…as to what an idiot this person is!

    • I disagree with you. As a former Allianz employee, they have little idea of what it is like to be an injured worker and can only report on their own personal experiences which can enlighten those who are victims of Allianz. It is good to find out where the money is going and whether you find it offensive or not, it is a FACT that Allianz thrived in Nazi Germany. Personally I would like to know the average age of the workers there and the average time they stay at the job. Injured workers survive under a constant cloud of secrecy, not game enough to state all the details of the harassment they have endured in case some sneaky case manager identifies them and lets loose with the revenge. I trust the judgement of Workcover victim to allow this Whistleblower to write articles for us and I am interested to read more. If you do not like it, then you do not have to read it. You are entitled to your opinion, but we are also entitled to read more if it is available.

      • Yes @ Bunny people ARE entitled to their opinion and if YOU don’t like them then you don’t have to read them. What you are really saying is only your opinion counts though.

        • Pardon? Your reply indicates that you don’t think anyone should be allowed to disagree with you, sorry but I live in a democracy and I will say what I want.

        • @Ian, I read it the other way, seems that what you are really saying is only your opinion counts. Please play it nice, everybody is entitled to their opinion with respect (as per our comment policy)

          • @Whistleblower – keep the stories coming, it really helps us (at least most of us!) better understand why we are treated the way we are. Bonuses, monthly awards and dehumanising tactics. Feasting to forget they’ve just denied another genuinely injured worker’s claim or benefit… Says a lot!

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