Workcover-up needs a public groundswell ASAP


You may recall David K’s story, who suffered a back injury from hard shearing work, only to have his workcover claim rejected on the ill-founded basis that he simply suffers from a pre-existing condition.He further adds that we must change the system for both sides (employer and employee) and in a mighty hurry, there are innocent people not only suffering but I imagine dying out there as a result of these people in the current workcover system of authority…

David K’ story

(as posted here)

I am 53 years old , been employed in the wool industry since I was 17 years of age. I shore for 35 years , in the last 28 years I have been a shearing contractor as well as shearing full time , mostly in my own business. My wife has worked along side me as a woolclasser , we have run a p/l company , been employees of this company, always included our wages in our remuneration to workcover , VIC and NSW , we work in both states so advised to have a policy in both.

Two years ago I had my first back incident, battled to walk for 2 months, had injections into my lower back and recovered to a stage to go back to work, also driven by poverty. Last December it came to a sudden halt, severe pain in both feet, numbness in both legs stopped work due to the unbearable pain. Saw my local GP commenced work cover, after a private investigator / independent doctor assessment , one of the rudest persons I have ever encountered, they only accepted partial liability, stopped payments on Feb 20, I only had a minor aggravation of a pre-existing condition and by the insurers knowledge, I had recovered from that. No recourse nothing.

I have since seen a back surgery , had major spinal surgery , never able to return to my previous job, only allowed to go back to as light as possible duties in 12 months time, I have seen 2 workcover specialist solicitors, no or very slim hope of anything from workcover , I am a director and an employee of my company , impossible to prove negligence/ failed in a duty of care due to being under my instructions. We have paid $100,000’s in premiums over the last 25 years , an industry rate of 11% , what a sick joke. We have had little or no income now for 6 months , we see starving children on adds to get money to help them , these bastards in our own country are worse than the powers ‘n control in those countries where these starving children are, they are outright thieves who are lining their own pockets with the millions they collect , if we do 1 thing not acceptable we are fined , massively, and when we are broken beyond repair, are left to perish in full view with little or no hope of any help from anywhere , what a great nation we have. I find it harder each day now to be proud to be an Australian , the Anzac legend is a fading memory today , these gutless/ spineless people in authority would be well and truly in hiding before they could help defend a flea. this must change for the employer and employee, it stinks from both sides.

Workcover-up needs a public groundswell ASAP

David K sent us an email via “share your story” adding the following:

Thank you all for your your comments on my work cover[coverup] experience so far, it is interesting that few employers comment on here , I am an employer who needs employees and over my time as an employer have discovered,  a while back too, to get good employees you have to look after them, the better ones of course, but we always follow the rules of the day in regards employing people.

We must change the system for both sides and in a mighty hurry , there are innocent people not only suffering but I imagine dying out there as a result of these people in the current workcover system of authority.

Myself and my wife have spent the last 30 years of our lives out there working with our employees in remote locations operating our shearing contracting business , reared 2 great kids , educated them and seen them graduate from uni and both get good jobs and both are now married to as good a partner as themselves. So we are lucky enough but if this goes on much longer we will lose our home and business , great reward for 30 odd years of hard work all because of a work related injury.

Hope everyone out there can hold on to a little something until all this is changed, by a public groundswell that must start ASAP

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  2. Well said people.

  3. Work Cover and the insurers are a joke, it is blatantly obvious that after pursuing someone for years and trying to make the innocent guilty “with” all the checks and balances that they make you jump through and the criteria of making some one guilty till proven innocent that they imply!
    To finally come to a realisation that (maybe) this person is genuinely injured along with suffering and genuine, to finally make a payment after x amount of years trying to pursue this person, putting undue pressure on this person and trying in all ways to disprove that some one is suffering.
    I got a minimal payout at mediation, but I look back and after 5 years I realise it cost the insurer around $500,000 to get me to a point where they finally paid out, wages over 5 years, medical reports, psychiatrists, psychologists, medical boards, arbitration along with my solicitors fee’s, I look back and wonder why they spent so much to give me so little.
    I am comfortable with what I got and I can laugh about how stupid and inept insurance companies are and the lengths (and) costs it takes them to pursue a individual.

    • Bill, your story and the story of others just proves this system has nothing to do with efficiency and everything to do with ideology. There is this insidious idea that anyone who is an injured worker is fraudulent. The facts show that only 0.05% of injured workers are actually that and today that figure would be much, much less, so all of this to punish a miniscule amount of people. Like I always tell people who in their right mind would even consider ripping off workers comp, it isnt worth it, the harassment you suffer and the piddly amounts you get for WBI aint worth it. Better off to be a corporate CEO, friend of a politician or genuine thief instead.

      I remember ringing up my useless state member the day after he helped to pass those dreadful amendments in 2012 in NSW and after he admitted he did not even read the legislation he passed, he started to rant about how they had to stop rorters in the system. That says it all, it is ideology as he had zero facts to back him up on that statement.
      The problem with looking at the world as an entity where everyone except yourself and your friends are out to rip you off is that it creates extremely selfish and ruthless people who do not believe in the concept of fairness or democracy (see federal government for more examples). The sycophants who happily implement these schemes have no conscience and that is why they screw us up, we are not human, we are frauds. They would rather spend thousands verifying their warped ideology than admit they are wrong and sadly lacking as human beings themselves. Life has a way of coming back and biting these types on the bum eventually – I celebrated the demise of Greg Pearce, Barry O Farrell and Chris Hatcher, it is only a matter of time before the rest get their just desserts.

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