Workcover NSW to conduct survey on injured workers experiences


NSW Minister for Finance, Services and Property, Dominic Perrottet announced yesterday in a media release that he has asked WorkCover NSW to conduct a survey of both workers and businesses about their experience of the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme.

Workcover NSW To Learn From Customer Feedback

Mr Perrottet said the move would help the government better understand what customers of the Scheme experience on a daily basis and inform future changes to its operations.

“Experiencing an injury at work can range from trying to traumatic – for workers, their families and their employers,” he said. “More than 60,000 workers lodge a claim each year and I want to ensure WorkCover is best positioned to meet the needs of all stakeholders.”

WorkCover NSW has written to over 5000 injured workers and businesses asking them to participate in an anonymous online survey, and is also encouraging others that have been involved in a workers compensation claim to complete the survey.

Participants will be asked to share their opinions about the customer service they received from their insurer and WorkCover, their interactions with medical providers, the quality of the information they received about their rights and obligations, their overall satisfaction with the claims process and what they think can be done better.

A series of focus groups with injured workers and businesses would also be conducted simultaneously to help explain the quantitative data generated from the survey.

Minister Perrottet said understanding what customers and core stakeholders want would assist WorkCover in improving its service.

“The Baird Government is committed to running a Worker’s Compensation Scheme that is both fair and sustainable,” he said. “Our sound financial management now means we can focus on enhancing other aspects of the Scheme.”

“Recent Parliamentary and statutory inquiries also showed that there was more to do to get the system right and this survey will help us learn more about what needs to be done,” he said.

“I have no doubt that this will be a learning curve for WorkCover – but I am confident that putting customers at the centre will lead to improved outcomes for all.”

We urge all NSW injured workers to complete the survey as well, bearing in mind that there is a time limit to complete the survey – we therefore recommend you write all the issues you have experienced on a word or txt document and then copy and paste it into the survey!


8 Responses to “Workcover NSW to conduct survey on injured workers experiences”

  1. I just did the survey, be careful, it times out in 20 minutes. The last question asks you about your experience within the whole WC system. I guess I had too much to say so mine timed out. Mmmmm. not valid.

  2. The link to the survey can be found here:
    I would encourage all NSW injured workers to complete the survey

  3. Problems with surveys are that they are carefully crafted to elicit only the selected answers and therefore do not allow the scope needed to be able to encompass other just as/more important/valid answers.
    If a survey is done by an organisation such as Workers Comp, then there is already bias. The tailor made questions and selected answers that upper management sign off on will be designed to make them look good and retain their positions (and their high salaries) and so that they are still good buddies with all the other stakeholders.
    This is the whole systemic problem – the bias all the way through and no independent body completely unlinked to any financial/promotional/positional incentives.
    ‘Survey’ … yeah right.

  4. I have participated in one in Vic… only it was a telephone one, while I let them know how unhappy I was with the service I had to be mindful of not really knowing who I was actually talking to.

    • @WCV- Looks like you have been put thru the wringer! Surely its medical negligence to not approve/supply you with pain medication, especially after such serious surgery. Its totally disgusting treatment and I hope the WC trolls take a good look at your hospital pic and feel ashamed. Get better soon WCV- all the best MadChef

  5. I wonder what criteria they used to select the 5000?
    Will that number provide a balanced representation of the views of the 60,000?
    Shame Mr Perrottet didn’t attend the recent forum at Parliament House organised by David Shoebridge. The minister would have come away with a very clear understanding of what customers (?) and core stakeholders believe would improve the system.
    Could you please give me the link to complete the online survey.

  6. Did the survey, it’s was very basic and limited, and no where sufficient enough to get to the core of the problems – it’s a step in the right direction though.
    Are they referring to injured workers using the term ‘customers’? if so, hell, I never felt like a ‘customer’, more like a criminal – convicted before getting the chance to prove my innocence. One can only hope the bullying and intimidation will end for injured workers and that in itself would go a long way in helping injured workers on the road to recovery, some kind of normality and adaptive way forward for the future.

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