Wanted! Teachers assessed by well-known IME psychiatrists


A journalist working for a well-known TV Channel is working on a story and came across our site. S/he is looking for teachers that have been assessed by two well known (notorious) IME psychiatrists.

Here is what the Journalist emailed us:

I am working on a story and came across your site.

I am looking to get in contact with any teachers that have been assessed in workplace harassment cases by either Doron Samuell or Graham Vickery.

If you don’t know anyone that would fit that bill, it’d be good to chat with you regardless.

Please reach out when you get a chance.

If you are a teacher who has been assessed by one of these two IME psychiatrists with re to workplace harassment/bullying, please contact us via email and we’ll put you through to the Journalist.

In fact we believe anyone who has been assessed by one of these two frequently adversely reported IMEs, please contact us. Who knows, this may well bring an end to certain IMEs and their ways of “independent assessments” !

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8 Responses to “Wanted! Teachers assessed by well-known IME psychiatrists”

  1. dr graham vickery needs jailing for extortion and fraud

  2. I found this regarding Dr Graham Vickery on rate an MD website seems there is another group collecting evidence to investigate on this also

    Past & Present clients of
    Dr Graham Vickery.
    It would appear on the evidence available that clients of Dr Graham Vickery (Pscychiatrist) of 250 Darby St, Cooks Hill NSW 2300 question his Impartiality, Professionalism & Integrity.
    Based on available evidence and lack of support from Workcover, you are encouraged to submit your concerns and complaints in writing regarding
    Dr Vickery for further investigation collectively as a group.
    All correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence and should be sent to the below address.

    PO Box 1000
    Hamilton 2303

  3. Interesting, but why only Teachers?
    Maybe the TV program should not only interview such persons but any-one who has bad experiences with IME’s & IME Psychiatrist’s. I bet you their eyes would Pop, when the realize how many people the Government, Insurance Co. & IME’s have damaged.
    Let’s all wake Australia up!

  4. Keep the emails coming, so far we have received about a dozen stories re those 2 IMEs, and one union is also willing to help out.
    We’ll keep you posted on the next steps with re to the journalist’s story. Hope our stories and experiences will truly help to have these “guns for hire” exposed (on national TV). it would be good if the story could include all injured workers from all states and all professional backgrounds. Will keep you posted, in the meantime keep looking for people who have been unfortunate enough to have undergone an assessment by those 2 IMEs

    • The insurer had me booked in for both of theses scum bags last week!
      After the report from Dr Vickery to the insurer, they cancelled my appointment with Dr Doron which was scheduled for the next week as he had given them what they wanted & They have this week denied my psychological claim!!
      Guess the insurer was going for a double-barrel shot gun approach at me with both appointments to these corrupt IMEs lined up one after the other!!
      This guy never considered any of my symptoms I wrote down at the appointment and luckily I did get a copy of (thanks WCV DIARY) which my psychologist said was clear to any professional & was clearly due to work place bullying and discrimination.
      After my interview, Dr Vickery even after hearing of all the bullying and harrassment from my work, pretended to accidently flick a bull-dog clip from accross his table just beside my arm to trick me into suddenly moving or jumping to catch the clip.
      He tried to make a joke of how the clip must have been a bird in another life and sat in silence gesturing to me with his hand to collect the clip & waiting for me to bend to pick it up. He was well aware of my back injuires & I told him I could not pick it up for him!
      Such a horrible experience contributing to further depression & anxiety.

  5. Make sure u tell the journalist to FOI the number of appointments and referrals and income these scum make from the VWA as the corrupt ones get paid to have appointments available even when they don’t even have workers to examine e.g. one shrink they want me to see has been paid over $4000 and he hasn’t even examined me yet. The Agent has appointments booked in advance that he gets paid for them regardless. I have some info on this under FOI if u need it and can get more.

    Screwed over & over June 25, 2015 at 11:50 pm
    • Hi,
      Can you give me info on how to use FOI in NSW to get a copy of the report that this scum bag Dr Vickery, gives to the Insurer?
      This guy never considered any of my symptoms I wrote down at the appointment anand ckily did get a copy of (thanks WCV DIARY) which my pyscopsychol said was clear to any professional & due to work place bullying and discrimination.

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