How are the workcover NSW changes impacting injured workers – survey


For three years, workers and their unions have placed pressure on the NSW Liberal Government to reverse the cruel cuts they made to the workcover NSW legislation in 2012. Now, more than ever, we need to know how the workers compensation changes are impacting on the lives of injured workers. If you have ever received workers compensation please complete this Unions NSW survey!

It looks like the campaign might be beginning to pay off. The Rev. Nile has strongly supported the reinstatement of medical services for injured workers and is willing to look at the issue of retrospectivity. He plans to push for an inquiry into the impact of the current workers compensation system on injured workers in NSW and propose legislative amendments thereafter.

Now, more than ever, we need to know how the workers compensation changes are impacting on the lives of injured workers. If you have ever received workers compensation please complete this survey.

The survey results will be central to our submission to Rev. Nile’s inquiry into the workers compensation cuts and will also be drawn upon by Macquarie University academics who are conducting research into the cuts.

The survey should take between 3-10 minutes depending on your circumstances. Take the survey now.

For more information about the workers compensation changes, please go to

[Source: Unions NSW]

In addition, and as we posted on 13 June in an article titled: “Workcover NSW to conduct survey on injured workers experiences,WorkCover NSW is also conducting a survey of both workers and businesses about their experience of the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme. We urge all NSW injured workers to complete this survey as well, bearing in mind that there is a time limit to complete the survey – we therefore recommend you write all the issues you have experienced on a word or txt document and then copy and paste it into the survey!

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3 Responses to “How are the workcover NSW changes impacting injured workers – survey”

  1. Lol, how funny is that, now there’s a time limit here too. Mmmm, interesting indeed.
    Checkout the Ombudsman people – ‘Maladministration’.

  2. Just completed the Union survey – a far better survey. Much more in depth, with a genuine feel about it. Also attended the injured workers day at Parramatta today. I will never understand why the government chose to bash up on injured workers, or why they gave insurers the power to ruin lives – other than to save money – greed, such an act of stupidity.

    • Yes, I did the survey too, I hope it does something, anything to improve this horrible system. I really thought about the aspect of this system that I hate the most and it would have to be the lack of accountability. There is no authority to complain to, to ensure that there is some redress to genuine complaints. Why are case managers allowed to treat you like a piece of garbage? They can do monstrous things to you that would never be accepted in other areas of your life. I have made complaints to consumer bodies who have acted upon those and responded in a polite and helpful manner, Likewise most of the politicians I have written to about other issues, eventually write back with an answer, even if I do not like that answer. If I suspect a doctor has indulged in medical malpractice I can report them, not with Workers Compensation IMEs and IMCs. Where else in the medical system can you get deliberately lied to in reports, refused medical treatment, have your condition ignored and get treated by individuals totally lacking in any empathy? Where else are you held hostage to inexperienced and unqualified novices who will get bonuses if they get rid of you? Even in real life, you can complain about insurance companies being unfair about your home and contents and car insurance, but not with Workers Compensation. No, in Workers Compensation there seems to be an unwritten law that anyone who has been injured also gives up their basic human rights. And anyone who gains money from Workers Compensation (I am talking about the Insurance doctors, Insurance companies, Rehab providers who are on the Insurance company lists and case managers) feels that they are entitled to break our laws.

      Have a look at the next Management Plan you get, all over it is how you the injured worker will do exactly what they tell you to do or you will have benefits suspended or stopped, there is NOTHING, repeat NOTHING that outlines the respect they should have to you and absolutely NOTHING about their responsibilities. It is almost like the Psychopath’s wish list and I am sure that if anyone cared to investigate this industry, they would find more than their fair share of them employed. Until they create an overseeing body to ensure fairness and adherence to the laws of discrimination ( as well as other laws) there will be no improvement. If we can have a commissioner overseeing bloody windmills, we have have one for workers comp.

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