Allianz whistle blower spills the beans


arronOh my, we are truly privileged to have received an anonymous bean spilling by a former Allianz TMF (NSW) employee! It is alleged that Allianz TMF uses some extremely unethical tactics to mismanage workcover claims, but also to ‘manage’ their own staff! From bonus payouts to the teams who achieve the lowest costs and highest claim declinatures (=rejections), to skewed ‘stats’, to… demanding sexual explicit deeds!


Allianz whistle blower, Treasury managed fund, department of education, Sydney

By “Whistle blower”

OK so I am a former Allianz TMF employee and this is my anonymous bean spilling session on the unethical, practices, staffing conditions and complete mismanagement of workers comp claims, and TMF as a whole from senior management to some team leaders.

Personally never being in the insurance industry before, it was a complete fresh start for me and I was promised the world so to speak and it seemed that I was initially well supported.

After we went through our formal induction course totaling 3 weeks ( complete waste of time/ resources as you learn most of it on the job anyway), we began managing claims and OMG!…

…the main objective for Allianz TMF is this : to get the injured worker back to work as fast as possible regardless of there legitimate and potential long term needs and to minimise the cost…

…to the DEC (the DEC doesn’t really care anyway about premiums because there not a small employer) so it looks good on the end of month presentation to the entire TMF division and which team has the lowest costs and highest claim declinatures gets bonuses ( some stats are forged and groundless as well) so in these methods the teams always used every single excuse and legal avenue to get out of the claim and issue a section 74 notice, not to also mention that when a thorough claims audit is actually conducted on a long standing claim rather then then standard blanket weekly claims audit which only reflects percentages based on minor system aspects I.e workers age, future stats box, the the results are phenomenal I.e a worker being entitled to $300.000 in back payments and the worker is not even aware of there entitlements nor does Allianz management want to know about it cos it will affect there stats at the end of month.

Another experience is that Allianz staff are subject to severe cases of micro management (control control control and I am not surprised why they have such a high staff turnover from burnouts and the development of sever metal conditions I.e depression/ suicidal ideations as they will even dictate your own emotions for you on paper as they see fit – I was lucky) overload of digital paper work, unitising useless checklists and spreadsheets to get one thing done and then being audited for it and being bombarded with unrealistic time frames. Etc….This also together with a competitive environment a “who you know attitude and how much dick your willing suck” and threats of losing your job from one female team-leader in my own case after being sexually harassed for dirty deeds, which I did not perform brought everything into perspective – I had to
Get out and got out I did, …

…this is my honest testimony about Allianz and why not to trust them for the crooks that they are!

Thank you so much for giving us a good insight in what-is-going-on-behind-closed-doors within workcover insurance companies. At the very least, your bean spilling validates (again) all our suspicions!


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  1. No one in government will bother to listen – it’s much easier to give us centrelink payments and then blame us for being unemployed. I’m too use to this now – past caring.

  2. I know all about this and I have all the evidence on what happened to me when being managed by this insurer. Absolutely disgusting. My evidence shows exactly what the whistleblower has stated. There really needs to be a very big investigation into this type of behaviour and someone in government needs to start listening!!

    Bashed and bullied July 10, 2015 at 10:25 pm
  3. I would like to know if and when the Government or WorkCover will be making a ruling on the age for WorkCover payments to cease. Currently under their ruling it is 65 yrs’ of age however under the Governments Department of Human Services the age for retirement might be 65 – 70 yrs’ of age depending on your current age. Does any one have any info on this dilemma.

  4. It’s so disgusting how lowly these case managers are, agreeing to such policy of intimidation and bullying. I never expected that these case managers are looking after their pockets instead of the injured worker. Being new in the system, I was subjected to bullying tactics of case managers. I was misled by a case manager to be able to carry out their wicked scheme of putting me under surveillance and catching me in a situation for them to be able to deny my claim. Unfortunately for them my doctor was not convinced by photos they have taken of me and threw away the investigation report and stood firm on his stance. My condition has no cure and early treatment is vital as my condition will worsen and considering my age, 53. They sent me to their IME who unfortunately contradicted himself in his own report and the IMC who never bothered to make the examination room safe as I nearly fell from the step stool and did not bother to help.

    This has to be brought to Royal Comission considering the further damage to injury alreasy sustained by the worker. I urge the whistle blower to come forward and make this horrible practices of insurers and their cohorts suchcheck as the rehabs, IMEs public and be investigated by the Royal Commissiionion. I noticed that a reporter from SBS has posted his willingness to take in this issue, which I would say a peek into the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Unfortunately Lourdes, you case is not unique and it is further evidence of the implicit corruption within the system. I remember reading a report when I was first injured which had investigated the corruption in the Workers Comp system and the result were quite incredible. Apart from Insurance companies\case managers, the biggest abuse of the system came from rehab providers and absolutely nothing has ever been done to call them to account. A Royal Commission would be nice but as they are involved in Unions and Wind farms, we might have to wait a while.

      • It’s not really unique compared to others that I have read. But finding out these practices of insurers made me understand what I have gone through from the beginning of my claim. I was with an impression that it’s the individual case manager way of handling a claim and their own character. It’s an utter dismay now knowing that these people are looking after their pockets, by hook or by crook and the extent of what they will do. This Website opened my eyes as iI have trusted them. II know the insurer is nonitoring me especiially bere. thank you. Sorry For Tthe computer Typos As II am using my phone not the computer as im stuck in bed.

  5. Hi,

    My name is Will Mumford, I’m a reporter for SBS.

    I am working on something relevant to this post at the moment. It would be great to have an off the record chat with the OP or any other posters in this thread. Please email me on


  6. This confession is the perfect example on why insurance companies should NOT have privatisation control over the Workcover system. Simply: GREED! And human rights violations. I too know a person who worked with injured workers with an multinational insurance company. The moral decline they had to perform to keep the GREEDY company satisfied caused their mental exhaustion. It left them profoundly scarred. Now when people have to kiss their good judgement and morals away to please the boss. Our government thinks there is nothing wrong with this conduct. People we have BIG problems!

  7. This is all too familiar with me and makes my blood boil! I do believe that even GP’s are in on this scam too. 🙁

    Vicki Tremble June 8, 2015 at 2:05 pm
  8. “Who you know attitude and how much Dick you willing suck”
    Sounds rite, Who I know there @(QBE) Case Managers and such give me attitude. More like Ignorance. There attitude is also to Suck Dick, as all they do is F@#% you over.
    Come-on, lets here more of this and get a class action together. Interesting that a section mentions $3000, 000 owing. Sounds like me (we almost and that’s only over the last few years).
    I just spoke to Shine and understandingly but disappointingly in my case. They want money up front. As again, it will require a Supreme Court action. And who can afford that. So lets make it worth it. Lets all get together.

    Come on ERIN BROCKOVICH, I am at the point of selling my soul. Contact me. I have no income, cannot afford to keep my house but again cannot afford to sell it either. If I’m going to loose it, lets make them BLEED.

  9. It shouldnt cost anything, they know the injured worker isn’t aware of every document on file so who is going to pull them up on it! It’s too easy for them to get away with, and as for investigations such as IME’s or surveillance they will say they don’t have to show you unless they have formally used the evidence to make a decision against your claim

    • Thanks again for the info Xo. It would probably be a waste of time getting my file, since my case has been closed. They didn’t use any surveillance against me at arbitration, but I know there would be some – the spies stood out like black on white. What a crazy system! Spies must be making a fortune out of workers comp. My sister suggested we could do it for a job, but hell, I wouldn’t do it if it was the last job left in the country – I’m too honest.

  10. These case managers need to apply the ‘jobs worth’ principle. If the illegal behaviour that you are committing is not worth your job then don’t do it or quit. Although insurers carefully manipulate the insurance legislative system so as to appear legal, they are in fact committing serious offences on a daily basis.
    ‘Obtain Financial Benefit by Deception’ (for those in NSW – NSW Crimes Act 1900 – Section 192E) carries a ten year gaol sentence. And that’s just a start.
    Are you the case officer/manager complicit in these crimes? Remember each time you commit this offence for each case it is another charge. When criminal activities are carried out cart blanche for so long people become complacent and a ‘laissez-faire’ attitude becomes is condoned, the crime becomes entrenched and the workers most likely are not even caring anymore about the risk of getting caught. Getting arrested, charged, convicted and put in gaol – is that worth pleasing your case manager, CEO or WorkCover?
    Because it’s coming. And when it happens are you going to pull out the ‘victim card’? And that’s when the claimants will come out of the woodwork to launch massive class actions against the criminal corrupt insurers and WorkCover for these blatant criminal acts.
    Case officers – get ahead first before it happens and become a witness for the police. For those that rollover on the others you will receive the indemnity from prosecution and for the others it will be way too late and you can complain all you like behind bars. Let’s see how cocky you will be when you are mixed amongst mainstream criminal population. That will wipe the smiles from your faces.
    Thank you to the whistle blower. The next step is to please go to the police. What you have witnessed and been involved in is criminal. It needs to be exposed. The sexual harassment is yet another issue that you need to expose and that will lead to legal consequences on its own. That is a very toxic workplace.
    Case officers being pressured to commit offences and suffering psychologically causing a high turnover shows that there are huge problems in this corrupt industry.

    • Joe, the problem is it’s not just the insurer who’s doing the wrong thing. It is the employer’s, workcover, ime’s, pi’s, rebab, etc. All covering for each other. All because they got the green light from the governments to cut costs etc. No matter who is in power, there will be no turning back, this is the way it is. And it can only get worse from here. For any changes to take place, there would need to be an ICAC inquiry. And I don’t know how anyone else feels but I wouldn’t put any hope into that either.

      • Thanks ‘Just Me’. Yeah definitely a massive issue with a lot of stakeholders involved. But – there needs to be people stepping up to report things to the police for anything to begin. Police fraud detectives and whatever other specialist agencies and resources are needed could begin with evidence obtained from case workers and others – even IMEs who can no longer live with their conscience. If one steps up then others will follow. There are lots and lots of ex case workers who have been left jilted and disgusted with the insurance companies they worked for. An ICAC enquiry definitely would be best way to start and compel witnesses. But such a commission would greatly benefit with some charges already being laid against people involved to justify peering further into a system that appears to be criminal and corrupt.
        People in financial institutions are on occasion arrested and charged for appropriating funds money from their companies – but it is the company bosses that want them charged. It just now needs to be in reverse. If we keep on saying it is all to hard nothing will ever happen. Police need signed statements to take action. Police need a complaint and need witnesses to prove crime.
        Whistle blowers are great and give us the insights that we all suspect are going on but we need them to go the extra step and give signed statements to police and let us all know what is going on. This will help to convince the judges to issue search warrants and gather the paper trail evidence -find the links to paying off IMEs, giving bonuses to denied claims and comparing to blatant evidence of injury, showing the benefits gained by these people and companies by being deceptive in their responses to claims. We need admissible hearsay evidence, documentary evidence, data, recordings, etc. – all the standard stuff that investigators who are trained in this area to obtain.
        It just needs those first steps – E.G.
        “I am an ex-case officer who worked in XYZ Insurance and I witnessed large scale condoned fraudulent activity to deny legitimate WorkCover claims. I want to give a statement to police. I know there is documentary evidence to support my claims. I have spoken with others who are also willing to come forward.”
        These are the sorts of steps that have led to other large scale criminal syndicates (which is really what insurance companies/WorkCover and other players involved are) being unravelled and people prosecuted, convicted and fined/gaoled. It also would lead to companies being heavily fined as well.
        It may seem all too hard and overwhelming but if we can put a man on the moon (and think of all the minute steps that took to put together and have it all happen) then the gathering of evidence step by step is also achievable.
        Enough complaints and this will make police – whatever State or Territory, or if it is Commonwealth – realise that it warrants the set up of Strike Forces which in turn will lead to ICAC or other body/ies to set up.

        • Hi Joe, you have a lot of faith in the police force. Have you heard of what the police do to their injured workers? I use to have a lot of respect and faith in the governments and police, but then I became an injured worker, treated like a criminal, and as a consequence I no longer have any faith in any of them. I have not suffered a major injury but the injury I have got cost me my job – a job I would have retired on – working in an industry I enjoyed and was suited to. Workcover and insurers don’t understand the significance of that – a huge and timely mistake on their part. Instead they put out the pi’s, get the ime’s on side and try and mould you into something they see fit – too bad for you if it’s not sustainable, in fact Joe, it’s just too bad for injured workers period. When I do get back into the workforce, I hope I can obtain a job that is suitable and not likely to cause re-injury, but I don’t really have much of an idea of what I will do. Tony Abbott is offering employers $10,000 to employ people over 55 but I can only imagine what type of employment that is. Unstable employment / housing at my age scares the hell out of me.

    • I’M With you Joe ,why don’t we all post to this reporter for SBS, its no good if just one or two do it we all need to tell our story maybe this is our time ,lets be POSITIVE and if this is on TV can it hurt . NO !! it might help lets tell on these leeches of society TO all you case managers ITS COMING ,you have been complicit in all these matters YOU !!will be charged ,YOU will take the fall !! YOU will get charged for each offence !!YOU will be hung out to dry, do you really think that you insurance employer will take the blame ?????????They would already have their arses covered YOU know it and so do WE. !!!!! ITS COMING ITS COMING Class Action and or a ROYAL COMMISSION Launched against YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Managers, Case Managers, IME’S Rehab, Work Cover PI’S ITS COMING FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . YOU ARE GUI;LTY OF ACTS OF BLATANT CRIMINAL ACTS AGAINST INJURED WORKERS . When you get to the stage that you just want to crawl into a small warm cave, no ime’s, no case managers , no pain stay and feel safe, when life becomes meaningless when they own you body and soul ,the feeling of no future. When you go to end the life they have let you have !!you feel peaceful like you can escape the prison of WORK COVER, SADLY FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANY I AM STILL HERE STILL I WONDER WHAT MY CASE MANAGER WOULD GET AS A BONOUS FOR MY DEATH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yep you need to request it direct from your insurer, don’t be surprised if it takes months to receive it and they will most likely leave documents out that they don’t want you to see.

    • Thanks Xo, do you know if there is a cost for me to get my files?

    • Wouldn’t it be illegal for them to leave documents out that they don’t want me to see? If not then why do we get told we have a right to information?

  12. Thankyou so much for that insight Whistleblower, I admire your courage. When you have had 14 case managers in a few years, sort of makes you wonder what is going on in insurance companies. And the mistakes, basic mistakes that are made and which I notice having been a veteran of this system (don’t worry, every one is documented for future use). I bet they also have training on how to lie and fabricate reports and how to break the law, hoping that poor little injured worker wont realise. Here are some of my favourites (not mentioning the Insurance company but many will know)
    The ‘ I am sending you back to rehab to get an assessment’ ploy, You can choose your own as long as they are on our list (WRONG, you can choose you own)
    The ‘Your doctor has said you are fit for work’ ploy WRONG, their doctor has said that, your doctor writes ‘unfit for work’ on every COC (sort of raises some legal issues for your doctor now doesn’t it if what they are saying is true)
    The ‘I tried to contact you’ ploy letter, you remember that phone call that lasted 3 seconds and you could not get to the phone to answer it?
    The ‘You have to see an IME’ ploy. Yes they are miles away and to get there you will have to break all of your restrictions, buy hey we don’t care.
    My favourite personal ones are organising a meeting with their rehab person with my doctor and telling me half an hour before that I had to attend, yelling at me on the phone ‘You will do what I tell you to do or I will not authorise anything for you’, sending me another person’s medical treatment records and asking me to justify why I was getting hydrotherapy in a country town 200 kilometres away, ringing up their rehab people in the middle of an assessment to make sure I was there (and that was when I was on my own leave) and they knew full well I was there. I am not even going to mention mix ups with weekly benefits, I don’t even bother to get reimbursed anymore, it is not worth the effort. The average age of case workers I have had is about 20 to 25, Someone should warn these young people about the soul destroying aspects of their job. I presume none of them are in a union and it seems that there is a lot of workplace discrimination occurring. I could hate them for the way they have treated me, but I know most of them (psychopaths excepted) are also victims. They are in a hateful job and if they stick at it will be doing it until they are 70 and if they get injured they will know full well not to get involved in the Workers Comp system. Not hate, just pity.

  13. Work Cover are the main issue they provide the bonuses and incentives to the insurers and emcourage this behaviour – one year there was a price above every injured workers head ranging from 6k to 42k that insurers would get from work cover per claim, the amount of bonus depended on how long injured workers had been off work and how much money their claim had cost. If an insurer did not comply and get rid of the claims they would have business taken from them by Work Cover. The insurers won’t change until Work Cover does

    • @XO –

      Work Cover are the main issue they provide the bonuses and incentives to the insurers and encourage this behaviour

      – I really believe you.

      If only decent or ex-case managers / insurer’s employees would blow the whistle, collectively they (as well as we) could open a huge can of worms which could well lead to a Royal Commission into those unethical practices.

      @Whistle blower – THANK YOU for shedding some light into this dark and dirty business!

    • Your are so right Xo. Workcover is behind all of it, they know exactly whats going on and I dare say encourage it. Just changing the subject now. I sent a F.O.I. request to workcover, my case was closed 7 months ago but I want to know what is in my file as I want to check all for accuracy. Workcover rang me and told my I would need to get the info from the insurer. Is that correct? I went on to insurers website but can’t find any forms where I could request F.O.I. Do I need to write to them directly?

  14. Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse of what is really going on behind the Ahhgr-lianz scenes. Makes you wonder what type of person you must be to want to work (and continue to work) for a company like that… You gotta be a sicko or a sad f**k without a conscious, surely?
    I am so glad you “got out”, and take my hat off to you for having a heart and a conscious. Good on you and, marvelous of you to spill the dirty beans!
    I just wish more workcover case managers would whistle-blow and help us understand more about workcover’s insurance companies’ prime strategies – a war of attrition to keep denying and the worker will give up, and as you state a war within the insurance company – generating a lot of ‘statistics’ on which case managers are costing the most-those who are, undoubtedly will tend to get ridden (literally!) a lot harder by their supervisors. There must be a lot of constructive dismissal as well.

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