A letter from the VIC Minister for WorkCover


Here is (yet another) rather typical empty content letter from Mr Robin Scott, the current Victorian Minister for WorkCover…kindly shared by an injured worker.

A letter from the VIC Minister for WorkCover

An injured worker wrote to the VIC WorkCover Minister, in part related to the routinely lengthy delays s/he (and countless other Victorian injured workers) are encountering at the hands of WorkSafe Vic’s Agents (Insurers), impeding their recovery.

As seems quite the norm, the injured worker received the following ’empty-content’ reply.

Of note is that the WorkCover Minister babbles on about the Agent’s ‘high quality services, and appropriate and timely access to treatment’ – clearly unaware of the current insurer’s standards of ‘service’.

Of interest is that the Minister also makes reference to some non-disclosed ‘research’ to help improve the services and support to injured workers.

At least he acknowledges somehow that improvement may be needed… Or?

But how much more and what type of ‘research’ is needed?

Frankly, research into the experiences of injured workers on the workcover system, in Australia and overseas have been undertaken ad nausea, highlighting over and over again the most important issues that need to be addressed and improved.

In essence the injured worker’s letter (and/or plea) to the Victorian WorkCover Minsiter led to nothing – just passed around a vicious circle, whereby the poor injured sod is asked to contact WorkCover (i.e WorkSafe Vic Advisory Service…).




If you plan to write to the Minister for WorkCover, and you receive a reply, expect nothing more than a copy of the above letter. Nobody seems to listen to us little people….


This is what many injured workcover victims have reported on this site alone

  • injured workers being told by their workcover insurance to ‘just work through the pain’
  • discrimination against certain types of injuries such as  chronic stress
  • cruel and abusive psychological treatment of injured workers by workcover insurance case managers and employer
  • false and under-rated diagnoses
  • manipulation of facts, evidence, dates, medical words and expressions
  • concealment of facts and evidence
  • recurrent use of avoidance or distraction techniques
  • multiple medical reports for the same visit/intervention
  • excessive and inappropriate use of surveillance
  • excessive use of independent medical examinations (i.e. 5 per year)
  • coverup of wrongdoing that caused physical / psych harm
  • putting intentional and inappropriate emphasis on the injured worker’s psychological status rather than addressing physical origins or causes of injuries
  • inappropriate psychological profiling
  • denigrating/vilifying the injured worker’s character
  • violations of trust leaving the injured worker feeling “emotionally raped”
  • workcover case managers who disregard doctors and specialists who say the injured worker is unable to work – compensation, weekly payments and/or benefits are cut off anyway
  • injured workers unable to eat properly and relying on food hampers, charity
  • injured workers reporting that they feel they are “fighting for their life”
  • workcover insurance refuses diagnostic tests such as MRI despite request of multiple specialists
  • Workcover denies or delays recommended medical treatment


19 Responses to “A letter from the VIC Minister for WorkCover”

  1. Hi My name is Mark i have been on workcover for nearly 2 yrs, i have recently been sent to an MD IME with my agent saying VWA sent me there and find out it was actually them who sent me, My MD IME was with a Dr Will Howard and Gavin Davis, they declined my Spinal Fusion that was requested by my treating Surgeon and also had supporting evidence from other professionals that i require surgery to obtain a better quality of life. I found some disturbing Information about Gavin Davis and still baffled why he is still allow to treat people, considering he is a professor of Neurology i find VWA should do due diligence in when they have people like this conduct MD IME. My life and quality of life is so diminished that at times have considered suicide to ease the pain and loss of back strength, now i have to fight my case either in court or take a punt that the Medical Panel goes in favour of my for this operation, i have started retraining and doing great but the Insurance company has only paid for one course while i have paid out thousands of dollars to at least after the operation i could have returned back to work, this has been my goal from day one but my employer not only did a shifty regarding my wages but the ceased trading 8 months after i got injured but still have an active business running. This system is so unfair its not funny, while i sit here trying my best not to think about this refusal for Spinal Fusion but then the try and push me back to work…

    Has anyone else suffered this terrible system we have which only lines the pockets of the companies and the claims managers with the high bonuses, i will never stop voicing my opinion about this system as its disgraceful and bias, i have done Cert 4 in Project Management Practices, Cert 4 in OHS, Cert 4 in Surveying and soon to undertake a Diploma in Project Management all funded by me except Cert 4 Project Management practices which was paid by Xchanging, be good to here from others about there stories of Ill treatment from this system…

  2. I guess the pollies have too many shares in the insurance companies. All got to look after their bottom line. I heard a man on Q & A last night say that workers comp premiums are going up. Hell, more again for the insurers. I wonder if my super fund has shares in some insurance companies – i’ll have to check.

  3. Worse than that,they write the laws to suit themselves. But in my experience they also break their own laws. Even written agreements.
    One of my many examples that I experienced. Medical Panel findings are final and lawful and cannot be over-ridden by any Court. (My own findings, indicate this. Advise from my Lawyer tells me this and similar indications from within the system).
    So how can, after a Medical Panel opinion and direction. To pay benefits from this day forward and to back pay be ignored. I received some payment, then all stopped. 2 Weeks latter I had Surgery #8 on my Ankle. QBE told me I can work and would not resume payments.
    I took them to Court, Long story short – Ended up in the Supreme Court. Found the insurer had done wrong. Their reports were considered in some parts to be just “Flummery”. And their last, Secret Medical Panel hearing was over ruled, leaving my last Panel decision the last and valid decision. Alas still no payment and bounced back to the Magistrates Court, then back to the Medical Panel. This outcome said, yes to the injury but now I can Work But in Sales (no experience). That I could live with but Sales, further to that no more help. (My Solicitor has just given up).
    What about the last 4 years of payments, not received. If we accept the current findings. But wait, in 1 weeks time I am having another procedure on my back. Then follow up by orthotic appliances for my Ankle. AND I CAN WORK ??? Cannot even afford new and specialized Footwear that I would need for Work.
    Laws, What laws. Just Politics and don’t even go to the Constitution. You would be surprised how many of these general alleged every-day laws are in contravention to the Constitution. (But we started as a Penal Conaly, suprised that we are all treated as criminals? )We all need to band together and get it started. It’s overtime for a CLASS ACTION

  4. My case has also been closed but let me tell you I won nothing and got nothing for my injury in fact my life as i once knew it no longer exist. The system has broken me and destroyed every fabric of who I once was. And now I have been thrown onto cent relink and the nightmare continues. My time on work cover has left me so very bitter and angry and frustrated at the way in which i was treated and the only thing that it has taught me is god help you if you get hurt at work. You will lose everything, even yourself if you follow my meaning. The bastards write the laws to suit themselves as they go along and you cant win against this amount of corruption.

  5. Hi,
    Surprised to find this site. Quite informative and interesting. Shame AUSTRALIA, Hang your head in shame. What we are doing to our most vulnerable and important Citizens and of this Country.

    I am a Victorian and now are very ashamed to call myself Australian. In fact my treatment over the years with my Claim would make most Cry. To me Australia, once a land I loved, not no more, Seems anywhere in the world where money or power is involved, there is corruption. But Australia this is not the land of the free or the fair. This is the land of the apathetic and the Greedy. People that need the help the most are being destroyed. Financially and Spiritually. She’ll be rite mate, translated, Means we are F#%*@!^ too lazy to do anything..

    I broke my Back in 2003, about 6 months for the insurance to respond. Not 6 weeks as under the Law. But nothing gets done. No compensation, poor Medical intervention and so on. Followed by lies and denial. a sequale injury, I broke my Ankle. Again many delays and much Politics. then further side effects….Conciliation, Meetings, Medical Panel, Court and so it goes on. I am meant to be recovering….Many Medical Panels seen. All I’m doing is fighting not just for my rite but existence. Payments, then stopped payments. Eventually back to work with light dutys. Not on your life. Had to invest $$$$ just to get other work, So I could eat. Insurance refused to help. Just had me investigated instead for best part of year. Went to Court, we won. Medical Panel told me to give up Work (I was in gainful employment. I had invested $$$$). Complying, I gave up Work, receiving payments and all was great? well not so. WorkCover was paying again. While receiving treatment for my injury’s, I needed Surgery #8 on my Ankle. QBE said I could Work, things had gotten better. But the Medical Panel(S), said not to ever Work again. Not in the foreseeable future. No more payments, allegedly fit for Work, My Back issues were not resolved and my Ankle was booked for Surgery. 2 weeks after payments stopped, I had more Surgery, I would question, While in Hospital and while recovering. How could I work?

    Anyway after all this and waiting, now with no income. I’m recovering. Waiting on my Lawyer, Many Delays. Magistrate threw the case out, barely listening to the cause. Ultimately we had to go to the Supreme Court of Victoria. The case was heard, we WON! but more Politics. Now back to the Magistrate. He then sent us to the Medical Panel. (There fake Panel’s decision were over-ruled in Court. As it was heard in my absence and was unlawful) So all previous Panels decisions were legal and Valid. But where are my payments. Now I’m owed about 4 years of weekly Compensation (about $220.000.oo). But no payment. Meanwhile this New Panel said I can Work. Sales work? I have never worked in Sales, no experience, no training and so on… Now no income, lots of $$$$ owing, not even proper footwear. I am waiting on specialized Footwear and a Leg Brace. Also awaiting more Back procedures. Add to this, my Solicitor is sick of it and after this last battle. He is now dropping me, I am now unrepresented (and he’s just gone on Holiday. Hope he enjoys it).

    So now abandoned, not only by Australia but my Solicitor. Still receiving Medical treatment, but only limited as requested Back surgery’s have been denied by the insurer. Now I am trying to recover but how does one fully recover from a serious Back injury. Then also my Ankle, it has been fused together. Not much can be done there (actually getting worse). TV’s various Current Affairs shows arn’t interested. The claim is not against me, It’s against them! Wake up Australia (If you don’t, the Muslims might take all. And good luck to them!) WAS THAT A POLITICAL STATEMENT ?

    Anyway, all alone, no help. Unless you all wake up. Wake up Australia! Lets all take a class action. It’s time to get together and take control back from the real Terrorists. The Australian Government.

    How can the Insurance, pick and choose which Medical Panel decisions it listens to? Ignoring the one that say’s Pay and upholding the one that say Work. (I thought a Medical Panel’s decision was Lawful and Final)

    • Hell David, I’m lost for words about your situation. I’m glad you found this site and all thanks go to the workcovervictim who started it. Hang in there.

      • Even though my case is closed, I find it incredibly hard to turn a blind eye on what is happening to injured workers across this country. I know this will probably put me back on their hit list, but I’m up for it. I will never be silent on what is wrong.

  6. On the 4th March 2015, I sent a complaint to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews about the corrupt operations of the Victorian Workcover Authority and its Insurance Agents in relation to their failure to provide safe recovery, adequate compensation, rehabilitation and return to work to myself in relation to my workplace injury.

    I made specific allegations including the following:-
    1. that a VWA lawyer lied about the outcomes of a court hearing in relation to my claim;
    2. that a Claims Management Agent used this lie to justify an extreme course of bullying/victimisation against me;
    3. that my lawyer and VWA both knew I was suicidal at the time that they manipulated me into signing a Deed of Release for an amount of compensation that kept me alive for two years before poverty made me homeless for two and a half years;
    4. that VWA failed to protect my employer by producing a Deed of Release that had the name of another organisation – not my employers on it;
    5. that despite two long drawn out attempts to obtain retraining, I was consistently denied access to it, and bullied often in those processes.

    I furthermore, offered to supply evidence of these allegations, and invited the Premier to contact me.

    The premier passed my complaint on to Robin Scott, the Minister for Finance and Minister for Multicultural Affairs, who also has responsibility for Workcover.

    Robin Scott acknowledged the receipt of my complaint and his intention/responsibility to investigate it.

    Well somehow, Robin Scott seems to think he has investigated my complaint without ever contacting me. Yes, he has come up with a response without ever once contacting myself or seeing my evidence.

    Robin in his response letter avoided speaking to the real issues that I raised and attempted to direct me back in to the court system to obtain “retraining”. He also advised me to raise my complaint about my legal representatives’ conduct during the settlement of my common law claim with the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner (LSC).

    The issues that Robin avoids addressing are those listed at points 1 – 5 above. Apparently, Robin thinks it does not matter that lawyers tell lies about legal outcomes; that Claims Management victimises and bullies injured workers; that lawyers manipulate mentally unfit injured workers; that the system fails to protect the rights of some Employers; or that an injured worker has never received retraining and assistance to return to work.

    He has made a Clayton’s response to my very serious allegations. You know the kind – one of those responses that just offers up hot air and platitutudes while totally ignoring the real issues.

    What should I do about this?
    1. Let Dan Andrews know that my complaint has not been satisfactorily dealt with?
    2. Take my case for failure of duty of care to a lawyer – this is very difficult for me as I have become psychiatrically allergic to lawyers through the workplace bullying that injured me in the first place and the continuous legal bullying I’ve endured from Workcover.
    3. Any other suggestions will be gratefully considered.

    • @Pauline – the wonderfully generous lawyer “Paragon” responded to a similar question posed by Xchangingvictim:

      if you are still within the time limit, look at whether there is any possibility of taking action against the lawyer who got you a bad settlement, especially if this was done while you were clearly under duress and there was some breach of duty of care by the lawyer. Lawyers who genuinely care about their clients sometimes don’t mind taking on one of their own if there is good reason. Maybe talk to a Plaintiff organisation who know the appropriate lawyers. You may not succeed in suing for damages (you have to know – it’s not easy) but it’s possible. Also, you can make a lawyer accountable for professional misconduct by reporting his/her conduct to the Legal Practice Board Complaints Committee (or its equivalent State by State). If the lawyer is disciplined take it from there – You will have been handed grounds to pursue the case!

      Apart from that I believe it would be hopeless to write again to Mr Scott/Daniels – fact is we all get pretty much the same standard empty content letters.

      Of possible interest is that according to a recent Latrobe Valley Express article ,the (new) Victorian Ombudsman, Deborah Glass, welcomes ‘good’ whinges, including whinges (complaints) about WorkVover Vic… See: http://aworkcovervictimsdiary.com/2015/04/vic-ombudsman-open-to-workcover-complaints/

    • Hi Pauline,
      Sorry to hear your plight. Don’t worry, I guess many, like myself understand. As I myself have received much worse (if that seems possible). My name is David and I hope that you and many others will join forces, as do I. To take these Moron’s to task. We need a CLASS ACTION. Since 2003 I have been on/off receiving benefits. Lied to and ripped off. Not got the best medical treatment and it goes on (see my other comments). Political BullShit is the only guarantee. I have lost many $$$$$$, to get only a dream or rites or compensation. Last, I have been denied my last 4 years of compensation, Where the Medical Panel said INDEFINITELY.
      They find new Panels to make findings. But just quoting “Flummery” as one Supreme Court Judge said in my case against the W/C Politics. Still I’m waiting on 4 years back-pay and they always find a corrupt person to give thair tilt.
      Let all get together and take a Class Action. I am willing to sell my house or some, if required (as I’m probly going to loose it anyway). I have lost $1800000.oo in projected earnings. I have spent ~$150,000.oo in legals? I have wasted 4 years of receiving ProBono solicitors. Just to get Politics, not Justice or even Law. My Solicitor has abandoned me, I’m still injured, thoughts of suicide, still in pain, receiving some treatment. But like my Employer of the time, Politicians the same. They all retire wealthy and wont loose any sleep over you. TAKE BACK CONTROLL

    • Get all your evidence and paste into the complaint as proof and highlight the inconsistencies as well as the failure of the minister to address the relevant issues. State you feel this is evidence the minister has misdirected to preclude proper transparency and accountability and state you want a full inquiry by the state’s corruption watch dog (in NSW it is ICAC, don’t know what in VIC) as you feel the failure to address facts supported by evidence is indicative of a “cover-up”. State you are very concerned about the unethical manner insurers have behaved but more concerned about the government’s failure to address the legal implications of such issues and that acceptance of such behaviours is indicative of corrupt behaviour. Also state your concern relates to the lack of oversight by government authorities in regard to such matters you feel are impacting on injured workers additional to yourself.
      There is a great deal to gain from injured workers who are willing to continue making complaints after they are out of the system because your actions are in the public interest.

      Bashed and bullied May 25, 2015 at 1:26 pm
  7. robyn scott mp – YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT! Why don’t you do something, you are getting paid very well by the tax payers. Isn’t it time you started doing something to earn that generous pay? What a blugger you are!!!!

    • Don’t call Robyn Scott mp a Blugger (you mean Bludger) and don’t say he’s full of Shit.
      The fact, if he’s full of Shit. Means he’s useful for something. Holding Shit and to me it seems he does not hold Shit. It spews out of his mouth and every other orifice in his body.
      If a Blugger, that imply’s he may be Human (as this term is not used for animals).
      Among most in Australian government and certainly those in the WorkCover system are not Human. They seem to be a new but yet unidentified Species. That is Sub-Human. They are POLY – meaning many. TICS – blood sucking creatures. POLY-TICS, otherwise known as Politicians.

  8. Wow the points under the letter sound so so familiar, I can just imagine a case manager in training and the instructor saying ”right we’ve got them down now is the time to kick’em in the guts, we’ll give’em something to make them wish they were dead”

  9. and what is it with the names of all the Workcover ministers???

    Now we’ve got Rob’in Scott.

    Before we had Minister Rich.

    Together they are Rob’in Scott to pay the Rich!

  10. Typical bureaucratic nothing response from the Minister. How to say something when you are not really saying anything at all.

    The two highlighted paragraphs of Robin Scott’s letters read like they have come straight of WorkSafe’s marketing brochure.

    This guy is a waste of space like the previous Minister for Workcover. Funny how when Robin Scott was the Opposition Minister for Workcover he used to bang on about injured workers rights and that they should get fair treatment from Workcover. But now he’s in government and is the Minister for Workcover he has lost all interest in such issues.

    He wishes us well for the future, gosh doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy!!

  11. VIC Minister for WorkCover replay: I wish you well in the future!

    Xchangingvictim May 9, 2015 at 9:13 pm
  12. That’s right, thanks for the tip Robin Scott – the WorkSafe VIC advisory service operates pretty much along the lines of your empty letter…

    • I have been waiting 5mnths now for my settlement to be paid out since early Dec 2015, my Lawyers have now lodged to the County court for payment plus interest and all other cost, they have run out of excuses. Although this process will take another month or more but hopefully the County court will make them cough up with interest.

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