15 Responses to “Workcover Reimbusement Scam”

  1. In the year 2000 the cost per kilometre was paid at 28 cents and now in 2015 it is 30 cents. In 15 years it has gone up by 2 cents. Any sane person will tell you that that is ridiculous. Does anybody care about us, other than us.

  2. Thankyou for this Very Informing site (it helps to keep me sain knowing i am not the only one dealing with this crap) I would also like to comment regarding PARKING. I was sent to Medical Panel had 1st appointment with Doctors at 12 pm and the Pshyciatrist appointment in the same building at 4pm After traveling nearly 3 hours to get there (Due to rest stops as not being able to sit in the car for long periods) parked the car in car park for that amount of time which cost $80.00 only to be reimbursed $10 . Yes it was ALLIANZ It seems never ending the amount of money we are out of pocket So Frustrating

    Vicki. Lipman April 6, 2015 at 5:38 pm
  3. It is well known that workcover insurers cheat injured workers on travel costs, see for example: http://aworkcovervictimsdiary.com/2012/08/workcover-insurance-companies-cheat-injured-workers-out-of-travel-costs/.
    With re to travel costs in VIC, the online claims manual has all the guidelines.Simply type in the search box ‘travel’

    • Dear Workcovervictim,i only get 30 cents per km in my car,but I charge them to go to the chemist to go to the post office for photo coping for the stamp and the bloody envelope to stuff them all with a receipt.

      • @Tony. Kinda sucks doesn’t it and (for me) this rate has not changed for over 2yr+ period. I get a tad more than $19 to travel to GP in my car. If I go in a taxi they happily pay $130+. My taxi driver was horrified at how low the reimbursement rate is. Certainly doesn’t cover “running cost”. Am in half a mind to ask my SCM when this will be updated to reflect true costs. The Allianz Auto Scam!

        • @MadChef, the cents per km are a joke, and you will find that many of us have been paid the same rate for years… my claim started over 3 years ago.. The ATO adjust on an annual basis, as does the RACV, but nor for Workcover claims. This rate only covers fuel & some running costs not rego/depreciation etc, It also doesn’t seem to matter what size of vehicle you use either, where it does for tax purposes…

  4. It must be different here in South Oz, accommodation is pre booked, and once I had to be reimbursed as I forgot to tell WC and they paid me back more than I paid. Unless I have a decent case manager I don’t know.

  5. I hear what you are saying.

    My insurer has paid up to and including $ 650 a night for accommodation (because they booked late), yet when they withhold other reimbursements and I have to book late, and I pay $ 340, they argue it’s too much. However, unlike your case, they withheld the entire amount (yet this is an argument as to quantum and yes this is a breach of the model litigant guidelines).

    I too have been told of guidelines and never been provided them. I also have, in writing, a guide from them from 2011 and it said $ 270 per night. Now with CPI that $ 300 by 2013 and about $330 by 2015.

    Personally if I were you, I would dispute this with the insurer and (if NSW) ask them for a formal decision (Section 74 notice) and refer this one to the commission. It is deliberate short-changing, and without a formal decision, they will keep doing it.

    • @CGUSux, Thanks for that. (I’m in Vic). I will waste their money taking them to Conciliation if necessary, all over $20+. It needs to stop and the rules should be enforced to ensure fairness for us. I will battle on and report back when I have won! (picture mad chef on a rampage)