Who I am, What I stand for, Say no to workplace bullying


The following article re workplace bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation was submitted by “Harry Hatzi” (Facebook name Harry John) as a “Guest Post“. We were not quite sure whether or not to publish it as it may come across as an advertisement for a legal firm or lawyer, under disguise. However, given Harry appears to be genuinely interested in the topic (and writing a thesis), we have decided to publish the article.

Hi All, my name is Harry Hatzis. (facebook name Harry John). I am throughout this year writing an academic legal thesis on workplace bullying, victimisation, harassment and racial discrimination and whether the laws provide adequate redress to psychiatrically injured workers.

Who I am, What I stand for, Say no to workplace bullying


I am very passionate about these issues and view the laws as inadequate. The several thresholds and hurdles that bullied workers have to overcome before redress is available is depriving rightful claimants of vindication and compensation.

I encourage people to get into contact with me if they have been affected by workplace bullying.

I would appreciate hearing their stories and also if people find that if any interesting news breaks in this area, if they could post it for all to share.

I also encourage people to get in touch with me if they have been bullied at work because I work at specialist personal injury law firm who have tremendous experience in acting sucessfully for bullying, victimisation and harrassment claims under Workcover.

Thanks for reading this message and I look forward to further interaction on this post.

2 Responses to “Who I am, What I stand for, Say no to workplace bullying”

  1. Sorry to saybbut I am a little suspicious about the author of this ‘article’ – it does sound more like a fishing expedition, that is : a lawyer seeking clients, and the most vulnerable ones. I was also not able to find the author’s Facebook page. The article (if you can call it that) does not provide any bullied, harassed, victimised worker with any valuable information, it’s just a advertisement in disguise. Unless the author can elaborate on why he or his firm can deal with these issues better than others, I can only see it as a misguided advertisement. Sorry, just my 2 cents worth. Guess nobody seems remotely interested in this post either.

    • The following comment has been inserted on “BK”s behalf:
      @ Injured – certainly understand your suspicion, but I’ll bite. It looks like a bit of both (Interest in subject & advert). This is what I came up with…

      Please note I have no connection with person (OP) or associated business.

      Assuming details provided true I take it that Harry is a law student that works as a Trainee Lawyer / Law Clerk for Family’s Law Firm based in Brisbane. It is a multicultural practice with what appears to be fledgling Personal Injury area. I leave it up to aworkcovervictimsdiary admin to monitor compliance with site policy (including my comments).

      I found a couple of favourable reviews but to do with other areas of law. And it’s unclear if these were self promotion, so no links.

      I have a true story about workplace bullying & harassment where I came under fire for trying to address. But as Injured has said “elaborate on why he or his firm can deal with these issues” 1st please.

      @ Harry see links towards bottom of page (video recording & presentation) https://www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/news/2014/workplace-bullying-webinar-presentation

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