Weekly payments: Calculating cut off dates


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Just a helpful site for calculating weekly payment cut off dates in Victoria etc.


I’m coming up to the dreaded 130 week (no capacity for work) cut off. Trying to work out date for the idiots to notify me (13 weeks notice minimum) and found this helpful calculator


I have been struggling to make my brain work (as it used to) and thought this might be helpful for others facing “the termination point”- where more pain and misery commences at the loving hands of your caring SCM.

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Weekly payments and the dreaded 130 week mark in Victoria

By Workcovervictim3

If you have been injured in Victoria and have been receiving weekly payments  from your workcover insurer/employer for a prolonged time, be aware that these weekly payments will stop at the 130 week mark.

Weekly payments in Victoria will only continue past the dreaded 130 week mark IF:

  • A(n) injured /ill worker has returned to work and is working at least 15 hours per week and is earning $184 or more per week
  • the (injured/ill) worker is likely to remain physically and/or mentally incapable of working beyond this level, in any job, meaning that the injured worker has NO work capacity (or no  more then 15 hrs per week) FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.

So, the above basically means that if you have returned to work (whether in your pre-injury job or another job), provided you work at least 15 hours a week and earn at least $184 or more per week, WorkCover VIC (WorkSafe) will still top up your wages (weekly pay). However, if at the 130 week mark, an injured workers is unemployed but is deemed to have some (however small) work capacity for any type of work, the injured worker will not to receive any weekly payments. If you are permanently incapable (as in “for the foreseeable future”) of any work for 15 hours or more per week, then you will be entitled to continue to receive weekly payments.

This is a very difficult ‘test’ to pass, as you will be sent to independent medical doctors, you will also require a vocational assessment, and, yes, you can guess it, ‘they’ will come up with the most outrageous ‘work capacity’ and ‘vocations’, including but not limited to literally ‘licking envelopes’, or work in a call centre. Hell, as far as some are concerned, you can be totally paralysed and wheelchair bound, but go out in the streets and sell a badge or a magazine!

Note: At the 130 week mark, injured workers are still entitled to have medical and like expenses paid.

Ref: http://www.vwa.vic.gov.au/injury-and-claims/compensation-and-entitlements/weekly-payments-and-current-work-capacity