Petition:Review Negligent Changes made by WorkCover NSW


I am an injured worker who is desperate to change or at least bring more attention to the disgraceful actions of WorkCover NSW and their insurers, Your blog has been a support to me so much that I have been able to begin fighting back for my rights & my sanity! Please share this on your blog if you can!

I just signed the petition “NSW Government, Pru Goward, Work Cover NSW: Review Negligent Changes made by Work Cover” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Petition:Review Negligent Changes made by WorkCover NSW


Work Cover has amended it’s processes and legislation which are causing a devastating domino effect on our community.

Work Cover has handed over more control to insurers to decline and remove as many claims as possible, leaving significantly disabled and severely mentally ill people out on their own without appropriate support or monitoring.

Work Cover has allowed it’s insurers to remove thousands of injured workers from their claim entitlements without appropriately following the legislation or new work capacity processes.

The insurers are paid huge bonuses to remove as many injured workers from the system as possible regardless of whether they have entitlement or not.

These injured workers are forced to obtain solicitors and wait for several months while solicitors follow the new ridiculous processes imposed by work cover NSW ( most of the time injured workers are left without any treatment, recommended and usually urgent surgery , medication, income or assistance) Their injuries physical and/or psychological are left to deteriorate steadily while work cover, insurers and solicitors push meaningless forms and paperwork back and forth.

These injured workers while waiting for their claims to be resolved are often left suicidal, in significant financial distress and homeless.

These issues flow on directly into our community, it impacts directly on centrelink and their ability to support our most vulnerable, crime rates, homelessness and suicide rates and of course a massive strain on our medical and mental health system.

Case Managers hired by insurers normally only need customer service experience to be employed – they are given the role of assessing medical and psychological reports and requests, determining liability and significant legal issues. They have little to no medical,mental health or legal knowledge. This is not only negligent towards the Injured workers who rely on these people to make ethical and educated decisions, but also the case managers who are hired without a clue with what they are doing and are at risk themselves of mentally ill people who have been left with nothing to lose.

QBE Insurance recently had a mentally ill injured worker walk into their office and set himself on fire, he unfortunately passed away a few days later. Sadly this is one of many incidents that seem to be easily forgotten by Work Cover NSW.

This issue impacts everyone in our society and I urge you to join this petition and force an inquiry on all of Work Cover NSW’s processes & it’s “Independent Assessors” and newly appointed “WIRO”.

4 Responses to “Petition:Review Negligent Changes made by WorkCover NSW”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this and thanks to the people who have already signed, please share as much as possible – I know there have been previous petitions but I believe we can get this message across together not just for ourselves the injured workers, but for our families, friends and community who are all significantly impacted by these issues.

    • I signed too and I am getting my friends and family to sign as well. I would not be surprised if these changes are a breach of International laws as well, but as we all know injured workers are the bottom rung of society and most do not have the financial means to challenge this which means the government gets away with it. Sadly the people of NSW voted back in the very government who did this to injured workers, but at least 50% of them voted against them, so at least there is hope.

  2. Just signed and put on my face book with the hope some friends will sign

  3. Just signed the petition.