WorkSafe VIC CEO Denise Cosgrove & chairman sacked


Oh my, it’s true, heads are finally rolling at WorkSafe Vic, Denise Cosgrove the chief executive and David Krasnostein, chairman of Worksafe in Victoria, have been sacked by Premier Daniel Andrews

WorkSafe VIC CEO Denise Cosgrove & chairman sacked

Denise Cosgrove and David Krasnostein, the chief executive and chairman of Worksafe in Victoria, have been sacked by the state government.

Premier Daniel Andrews said he had lost confidence in Worksafe’s management after the government was assured in December that what turned out to be contaminated water at the Country Fire Authority’s Fiskville training centre was safe.

“They cannot explain how they got this wrong, in fact they cannot guarantee us that they even tested the water,” Andrews said in a press conference today. “I will not be lied to, and I will not accept incompetence.”

Noting that it was only two months between Worksafe Vic providing advice that the potable water was safe and the discovery of the chemical, he continued: “when you’re confronted with that complete inconsistency and people can’t explain to you how it is that they got it so very wrong, either someone hasn’t done their job or someone has been untruthful.”

The training centre was closed Monday night following the discovery of a chemical associated with a now-banned firefighting foam in the water supply. The site has long endured issues of contamination, which have been linked to cancer in former CFA personnel.

The resignations of CEO Denise Cosgrove and Chairman Krasnostein were received Tuesday morning.

Clare Amies, the executive director of Worksafe’s insurance business unit, will be appointed acting chief executive. Board member John Walter will step up as acting chair.

“The public needs to have confidence in WorkSafe because it’s responsible for the health and safety of Victorian workers,” said Finance Minister Robin Scott. “Confidence in public regulators must not be compromised. … An assurance of safety was given. The Fiskville findings prove otherwise.”

According to the Mandarin, Krasnostein is a former CEO of MLC Private Equity and chief general counsel of National Australia Bank. He is currently a director of the Transport Accident Commission and director at the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Before becoming Worksafe CEO, Cosgrove was general manager of claims management and general manager of people and business services at New Zealand’s injury compensation scheme, the Accident Compensation Corporation.

Cosgrove, who was appointed by the Baillieu government, has previously found herself in the media after the ACC denise-cosgrove-insensitivewas involved in a significant privacy breach, when it sent the details of 6700 claimants to an individual who should not have had access to them.

She also came in for criticism in 2013 when she sent an email to staff opening with an account of her “relaxing” weekend in Daylesford, eventually leading into an announcement of job losses.

Prior to Cosgrove’s appointment, Worksafe VIC was battling complaints of a bullying culture among its staff.

Dear Miss Cosgrove (aka Fishface and Miss Insensitive), we WELCOME you to our Karma pages – where you get served what you DESERVE!

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Vic Worksafe executives sacked

March 03, 2015 2:39PM

Two senior Worksafe executives have been sacked in the wake of further toxic contamination discovered at aA CFA firefighter puts out a fire Victorian CFA training facility.

WORKSAFE VIC chair David Krasnostein and chief executive Denise Cosgrove tendered their resignations at the request of Victorian government on Tuesday.

It follows the discovery on Monday of a potentially harmful chemical in the mains drinking water at the CFA’s Fiskville training facility – the same site is the subject of a parliamentary inquiry over a cancer cluster.

Premier Daniel Andrews said he’d lost confidence in Worksafe management after he was assured the site was safe in late 2014.

“How is it in December they told the government, and all Victorians, that it was safe?” Mr Andrews asked.

“They cannot explain how they got this wrong, in fact they cannot guarantee us that they even tested the water.

“I will not be lied to and I will not accept incompetence, particularly when it comes to the safety of those Victorians who put themselves in harms way.”

Mr Andrews said Fiskville was now closed indefinitely while testing to isolate the source of the contamination was underway.

Residues from a banned firefighting foam were detected in large tanks used to store mains water for firefighters’ everyday use.

The residues contain PFOS, a type of perfluoro chemical used in firefighting foams but banned in 2007 due to carcinogenic concerns.

Operations at Fiskville were downgraded in late 2014 after a parliamentary inquiry was called.

Historic use and dumping of toxic chemicals at the site have also been implicated in a cancer cluster among firefighters who have worked there going back to the 1970s.

Long-held concerns of a Fiskville-centred cancer cluster were confirmed in January.

A study found elevated rates of brain, skin and testicular cancers among 606 firefighters who worked or trained at Fiskville from 1971 and 1999.

Sixteen of those firefighters have died from cancer, and another 53 have battled it.

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6 Responses to “WorkSafe VIC CEO Denise Cosgrove & chairman sacked”

  1. I sent this message to our esteemed Premier in Victoria today. Here is the web address if you want to do the same.

    Dear Dan Andrews,

    Congratulations on sacking the CEO and Board Chairman of VWA.

    I am an injured worker, and I beg you not to stop there. The corruption is now cultural and affects the organisation root and branch. I and many other injured workers have been documenting the corruption as it applies to each of our individual cases for some years now. Complaints to Ombuds, Ministers and VWA have got only “sham” responses. Injured workers are being destroyed while so many others profit unreasonably from the Workcover trough.

    I can supply evidence of a VWA lawyer lying about the outcome of a Court Hearing in my case, and this lie being used by the Case Manager to justify her extreme course of victimisation against me.

    I can prove that my lawyer and VWA both knew I was suicidal at the time they manipulated me into signing a Deed of Release for an amount of compensation that kept me alive for two years before poverty made me homeless for two and a half years.

    I can prove that VWA failed to protect my employer by producing a Deed of Release that had the name of another organisation – not my employers! – on it. You can check that out for yourself.

    I can prove that despite two long drawn out attempts to obtain retraining, I was consistently denied access to it, and bullied often in those processes.

    All you need to do to get access to this evidence is to contact me.

    Please do all you can to end this monstrous “trough” system, and to introduce a system that brings true rehabilitation, retraining and return to work to all injured workers.

    Yours sincerely
    Pauline Pope

    • Well Done Pauline , i will invite him to my ongoing VCAT case against lying clive jones !!!

  2. I love this new Premier, we should get together and go and see him and ask for some very overdue changes to be made to the system.

    In the meantime, I hope that Karma just keeps on slapping those two pieces of scum and I say pump up the tyres on the Karma bus bc we would like to run those two over and over and over…….and over again 🙂 Makes me smile just thinking about it.

    Next on the Karma bus, the other scumbags that are still there, maybe this will make them think twice about their corrupt behaviour and also the fat cat insurers and IME’s. Let’s have a massive flush and let all the poo go down the sewerage where it belongs.

    I’ll sleep well tonight thinking of those turd where they belong 😀

  3. Denise Cosgrove will never hold an executive job again, because the first thing that employers do is google for the candidate’s name. Her name will always be associated with incompetency and for having lied to the Victorian Government.

    • Bloody awesome! So so happy Fishface is gone, and yep, her resume won’t look too posh! Wonder if she’ll bugger off to yet another country to chop all the ‘low hanging fruit’ (as she referred to longer-terms injured workers)? She should hang her head in SHAME.
      Karma’s a bitch Denise! What goes around comes around 😀

  4. Good riddance! As stated

    We had hoped that Karma would SLAP you in the face before we did!