WorkCover pays independent medical examiners generously


Back to the topic of workcover insurer-chosen IME doctors, which remain an ongoing problem for many injured victims. Many of these so called independent medical examination (IME) doctors are in the IME business because they are looking for another way to add to their income by doing these exams. It is important to understand that money, and the promise of future income can often will influence those IME opinions.

Doctors of all variety of skill and training do these IME examinations, from psychiatrists to neurologists. Typically, we see doctors who are just starting out in practice and doctors who are winding down (or closing) their practices (yep, that’s right, there are many octogenarians!). Fact is, both of these groups of doctors are looking for another way to add (heftily) to their income by doing these examinations. Many such IMEs are obviously NOT (very) successful in their own private practice(s).

Saying that a relatively small group of IMEs consists of ethical and highly professional doctors who actually enjoy the work, which frequently involves testifying in legal matters.

WorkCover pays independent medical examiners generously

If an IME doctor could go either way on an opinion, and is in the IME business for the money, do you think that s/he is going to go your way or go where the money is?

Did you know that WorkSafe Victoria (former VWA) pays independent medical examination doctor quite generously. For example Psychiatrists IMEs $907.45 for an assessment and report (plus additional fees for reading files etc!). Now, take one of the more popular (read biased) IME shrinks and add the money up: let’s say s/he examines only 3 injured sods a day, 5 days a week – that would give this IME a total income of at least ($907.45 x 3 = $2722.35 per day x 5) $13611.75 per week– correct thirteen thousand six-hundred and eleven dollars per WEEK – or x 4 = $54447 per MONTH! Well over HALF A MILLION dollars per year!

We all know that workcover insurers have their preferred IMEs, and we can only begin to imagine why any such IME would want to jeopardise such an extremely lucrative business! The more favourable reports they write, the more business they get indeed.

Fee Schedule for Independent Medical Examiners

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Health Professional fees A to Z

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In addition to that, we also know that some IMEs are also paid secret bonuses for denying and mitigating claims (negate and fabricate biased IME reports)

It is in WorkSafe Vic (and all other state’s WorkCover Authorities) and their Agent’s (workcover insurance companies) best interest to allow dodgy and highly prejudiced IMEs to ‘freely’ operate as so called IMEs – because the more workcover claims these independent medical examiners help to neutralise, minimise or nullify, the more monetary profit the WorkCover Authority and their Agents (workcover insurers) make.


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  1. Shocking that treating psychiatrists are only scheduled $300 for a report, the same amount that IMEs get for a one page supplementary report! They basically don’t want treater reports anyway because then they have to disclose them to their IMEs etc, and they’d rather have biased ones in their arsenal! Like to know more about the secret bonuses paid to IMEs – where is that info from?

    • The “scheduled fee’ is NOT the absolute ceiling it’s a recommended guideline as far as I know. It’s certainly NOT legisalation so is open to negotiation. I know of a Psychologist that got paid $750 for a report. Challenge it!

  2. Insurers ACTUALLY have these IME’s on their books. They have appointments booked in advance where there is no actual injured worker. They claim they need to do this so that injured workers don’t have to wait for an appointment. SO the IME IS GETTING PAID BY THE AGENT regardless of doing any work for them! Money for nothing. Then a injured worker comes along and it’s like magic, the Agent gets a report just like they wanted it to read. I’ve even see the Agent type word for word what they wanted the IME to say in a report.

    WorkCover say it’s to help injured workers by reducing waiting times for an appointment. I say appoint more IME’s. Then if u can’t get in with one, u can ring the next 97 IME’s on the list. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. All Specialists end up with cancellation appointments as well so this is one BIG LOAD OF SHIT!

    I’d like to “independently” review their job positions!

    • You have the evidence of fraud if you have the opinion from the agent going to the IME. Please make a complaint to WorkCover fraud branch and the Health Care Complaints in your state. The IME signs saying they must abide by the “Expert Witness Code of Conduct” so if they are simply taking what the insurer has suggested they are not providing their own expert evidence. If the evidence shows the insurer’ s solicitor has given the opinion then make a complaint to the Legal Services Commissioner as no solicitor is allowed to influence a witness by giving them what they want said. I also have such evidence and am in the process of such complaints. I also have a copy of my file that outlines the whole conspiracy to get the IME to provide false evidence to use in court. We need this exposed through the proper channels so it creates a tsunami of evidence to show the truth about the depth of corruption in this system.

      Bashed and bullied March 11, 2015 at 8:23 am
  3. Hello , great read about Workcover pays IME’S , is this 100% reliable ? as i want to put this to clive jones, at my ongoing VCAT case .
    Thank You .

    • @Kevin, of course it is reliable, the info (payment schedule) is published on worksafe vic’s site.
      You may want to ask Clive to disclose how much money he earns per year doing workcover assessments.

      • @Kevin – I wonder if you would be able to obtain under the FOI the following info:
        How many specialists does (your insurer’s name or WorkSafe VIC / workcover authority) employ to
        assist it in making determinations as to whether to continue liability or otherwise? How does (your insurer’s name or WorkSafe VIC / workcover authority) determine which specialists it employs (as consultants or in any other role)? How does (your insurer’s name or WorkSafe VIC / workcover authority) determine whether to discontinue using a particular specialist? Please provide a list of
        all specialists employed by (your insurer’s name or WorkSafe VIC / workcover authority), their names, positions and company, and the dollar amounts paid to each for each of the last five years?
        I am pretty sure one can obtain this info under FOI, but perhaps walk into your local community legal centre and ask advice (it’s free and they’re usually pretty good at helping)
        It is highly likely Clive will be frequently used and have been paid a lot.

        • Yes Thanks for all of the info , yes clive has been with workcover a long time i have looked back through the court files , started at 2007 and yes good old clive is there giving his two bobs worth for workcover !! and i have noticed a pattern , his evidence rarely gets accepted .thanks again