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  1. I am in NSW and my insurer was Allianz TMF. They would not forward me a copy of the IME report I think on the grounds that they had paid for it and not me.

    I requested all that they had on file on me and was informed I could for $30 , through the Freedom Of Information Act, obtain these by filling in a form which was sent to SunCorp which must be affiliated with them and deal with such requests.

    There was a lot of paperwork. Most interesting was realising that they had requested (unbeknown to me) all my available medical records I asssume to look for medical grounds to deny the claim. Low and behold,
    the IME report was also in there.

    So maybe give that route a try.

    • thank you for your reply Selina , however I did allready requested IME report from CGU , under the Freedom off Information Act and they declined my request , according to CGU they can withhold IME report from me when there is no ” DISPUTE” in regards to my claim ,meaning they accepted liability , but they reffering to Workers Comp Act ,ignoring that my request was made under the Healt and Medical Information Act ,which is different Act , so they refering to Workers Comp Act becouse it is suits they agenda

  2. Im in NSW , on Workers comp. for last 3 months , I requested CGU for a medical reports from IME doctor under the Medical &Health Information Act 2002/NSW , however they declined to provide me with a copy of IME Report , under the Workers Comp Act , They informed me that only time they have to provide me with IME repots is ,when my Claim is ” disputed” what is not the case, my Claim was accepted by CGU . I was not requesting this information under the Worker Cover Act…? so ,the question is ,which Act is applicable in order to get my medical information from CGU ? Futher more I just found out that my Rehabilitation Provider have copy of my IME reports from CGU ? Intersesting , Injured worker cant have his own Medical report from IME examination , but CGU can share my medical report ,without my consent .

    • @Nivan – as Selina stated and as per my reply above – see: http://www.workcover.nsw.gov.au/about-us/right-to-information
      The relevamt legislation appears to be the GIPA Act.

      Access to personal information about the applicant

      The application fee for personal information about the applicant is $30. This includes 20 hours of processing time. If the processing time exceeds 20 hours, charges of $30 per hour will apply. A concession rate* of $15 per hour may be considered in some circumstances.

      Access to non personal information

      The application fee for non personal information is $30. This includes one hour of processing time. If the processing time exceeds one hour, charges of $30 per hour will apply. A concession rate* of $15 per hour may be considered in some circumstances.
      Review of decisions (Internal Review)

      If you are dissatisfied with WorkCover’s decision you have the right to request an internal review of that decision. A fee of $40 applies, except when the review arises because the application was not decided within time or the review is recommended by the Information Commissioner. No processing charges apply for internal reviews.
      Read more -> http://www.workcover.nsw.gov.au/about-us/right-to-information

  3. Could someone please clarify if this just applies to Victoria. I am in NSW and
    I requested my medical records and file from Allianz through the FIA and had to pay $30 to them in order to obtain records.

  4. @Harryrort, I noticed you’ve said about how many Case Managers you’ve got rid of. I’ve also burnt thru my fair share. Just wondering atm whether it’s better to stick with a particularly incompetent one. Seems the moron might do more for my cause about the continued mismanagement of my Claim bc of his very dependable incompetence and errors. What’s your thoughts? It would really disappoint me at this point of my fight to get rid of him and get one that actually was competenent, or even worse, one that had half a brain!

  5. @Mad Chef, could you have made the request direct on the medical practitioner who did the report, which may have been quicker? I would still FOI WorkCover (not the Agent) to see what other juicy little tid-bits might be on your file that they don’t want you to have. P.S. Interesting your going to Concil atm, be VERY wary that ALL INFORMATION given to the ACCS and WorkCover Assist CAN be pretty much guaranteed to be placed in the hands of the Agent. Also I’ve been told that any “documents” prepared for the purposes of Conciliation can not be used in Court if it doesn’t resolve, that might be a great one to check with your Solicitor friend. I don’t think it is true but it may fall under legal professional priviliedge perhaps? Let us know if yu get an answer and thanks for the above info.

    • Hey Ben, the medical report I needed was from my surgeon BUT because WC pay for the surgery, it has to be sent to them. The surgeons front staff have always been very helpful. They said “when Allianz looses this report,to let her know and she will send them another copy”. She said this goes on ALL the time. She also said when I get the copy to look top left of the page for the staple holes, she said the invoice is ALWAYS stapled to the surgical report. She was right, how do I knowthe idiots emailed the report and the ACCOUNT!
      WTF… still laughing
      As FOI requests they can legally drag their feet- Health Records Act they have to move.
      As to using/not using concilliation info in court, my lawyer has filed for magistrates court for a correct PIAWE assessment (they assessed me on POST IAWE amounting to $200 pw)- she has mentioned nothing and all info in conciliation, VWA redress, Team Leader reassessment etc will be put forward as far as I know. I will look into this more.
      Mad Chef

  6. @Mad Chef – thank you so much for sharing this most useful resource, much appreciated. It definitely appears to work better than to request copies under the Freedom of Information Act or the Accident Compensation Act!

    • @Mad Chef
      Absolutely awesome information I love the way you word your response to your case maggots just as I do polite but to the point and when you point out the relevant legislation to them it piss’s them off even more.
      I have also found that the supposedly senior case maggots are worse to deal with than the junior ones.
      Thanks again knowalage is power.