Something is rotten in the workcover system


Better guidelines and quality control are really needed for independent medical examiners (IMEs) and impairment assessors, along with rigid ethics requirements and recordings of examinations/assessments of all injured workers.

Referring back to yesterday’s article Workcover Insurer & IMEs behaviour ‘disgraceful’ and ‘seriously alarming’ says Judge”, and I am NOT saying all doctors in our workcover system are horrible creatures; many have indeed left the industry for private practice (rather, it is said that some have ‘retired into’ workcover examinations/assessments…), we believe better guidelines for IME (and the like) designations, along with rigid ethics requirements, stringent quality control and recordings of examinations/assessments of all injured workers must be seriously considered in order to save lives and indict criminals.

Something is rotten in the workcover system

Submitted by @Injured (via email)

When doctors are not held accountable for false ‘independent’ medical reports and/or impairment assessments that cause harm and even death, written for profit and with the obvious intention to deny medical treatment, weekly payments and/or worse, something’s rotten in the workcover system.

When doctors can willfully change dates of injuries in order to use past medical reports to falsely substantiate
‘pre-existing’ conditions, something’s rotten in the workcover system.

When the workcover system itself allows for ‘secret reports’ and hefty payments to doctors who can’t even get a date of injury right, something  is rotten in the system.

We need fresh trials, and stop history from repeating itself!

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I think the best way to stop these IME’s is to stop paying them so much. Fair fee for the time taken to confer with the patient, review the reports from medical investigations only, not all the suppositions and reports from other Dr’s, these are supposed to be INDEPENDENT, not a reflection of other Drs views… NOR the idealisations of unqualified case managers…


Dear Woowoo,i totally agree why send all the reports from previous IME appointments its supposed to be independent view,whos to say the doctors not going to read some of the reports and just simply copy.He still gets the big $$$$$$$.To me I see that as leading in a court of law it would be over ruled.And not let us forget those case managers(who think they own the insurance company and they are doctors) what their reward is.

FYI: I received the 2 letters from VWC/Worksafe re. the market research they had authorized and was phoned recently by market research firm. I found they mainly wanted info. about the insurers activities over the last 3 months (which thanks to this WCVD site) my various complaints and challenges to the system have promoted more favourable outcomes. I also visited an Employment Rehab. consultant this week and guess what? He had been sent my complaint letters about the IME and the Medical Panels errors of fact by the insurer, but NOT the one I had sent to the insurer’s Customer… Read more »
Great Read !! I Concur Wholeheartedly With This , The Whole System Is Rotten To The Core , From Lying IME’S Case Managers Who Know They Can Do As They Please , From Providing False Misleading And Defamatory Reports ( IME’S ) To Concealing Vital Evidence , Incident Reports ( Case Managers ) Because Workcover Is Truly ” As Dishonest As The Day Is Long ” This All Needs To Be Investigated Now , To Many Injured Workers Have Been Ruined By These Lying Maggots !!! Enough Is Enough . kevin
Dr Peter Sharman

see my blog article in response

@Peter Sharman – I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article, and you have made some very insightful comments indeed. It is good to read your perspective, namely that of a truly impartial doctor. A few months ago I/we also did try and come up with some suggestions for improvement of the IME process: without being too ‘adversarial’. I hope you have noted that many of our ‘IME’ pages now also contain an “alert” namely: Please note: NOT ALL independent medical examiners are hired guns. In fact there are some extremely ethical, honest, impartial and compassionate IMEs It is also my… Read more »