Corrupt workers comp system


The following article was submitted as a Guest Post by injured worker “Stephanie”, who (too) has been on a walk through the workers comp back streets and who (too) has witnessed first hand the ‘crimes’ perpetrated by insurance companies….

Corrupt workers comp system


By ‘Stephanie’

I have been at battle with the work comp system for 2 years. The crimes I’ve witnessed by the insurance company are unbelievable.

I have had my medical records falsified as well as changes to the wording of my deposition. My HIPPA (Health Information Privacy, USA) rights have all been violated.

I have been followed (by a private investigator) for six months. They have pictures of me in my doctors office as well as other patients. I have been followed relentlessly and threatened numerous times.

The unethical insurance company and their crooked lawyers are the real criminals here.

I have been awaiting back surgery for over a year but, workers comp refuses to pay for it.

They have also refused chiropractic care, counseling, indirect epidural injection and further physical therapy.

They have spent countless dollars on surveillance yet little on medical treatment.

They  stalled my case until my benefits ran out.

I have private insurance but I’m unable to use it because I was injured on the job when I saved a patients life.

The workers comp system has nothing to do with helping the injured worker. It is a form of organized crime aimed at denying benefits to people who have become victims of unsafe work environments.

One Response to “Corrupt workers comp system”

  1. Iv been stuck in this crooked system for just over 2 years and don’t see how these criminals can get away with it, the government must have shares in these insurance company’s.
    All they do is lie and that’s the entire lot of them, case mangers, rehap providers, every Ime and imc they sent me to, how do these fraudulent company’s/people get away with it?

    The mental games they play with the injured work is unbelievable and the things I’v been call and accused of like, I’m wasting tax payers money, malingering, I’m happy sitting on my arse and getting paid for nothing, the list goes on.
    I’v even had my rehab provider outright lie to my doctor, told my doc that I threatened her, and I admitted there was nothing wrong with me and I just wanted to sit on workers comp, there’s so much bullshitting goin on with these fckd up company’s/people.