Another bad experience with an independent medical examination (IME)


The following story, about a ‘bad’ and/or ‘questionable’ experience with an IME Orthopedic Surgeon in Castle Hill (NSW) was submitted back in December 2014 as a “Guest Post“. We weren’t quite sure whether to publish it or not. In the context of the current “IME” theme, we have decided to publish this story, however we have censored the IME’s name, which was put into the title (heading) of the originally submitted “Guest Post”.

Another bad experience with an independent medical examination (IME)


Re: Dr IME [x] | Orthopedic Surgeon | NSW

By Another Number

This guy is yet another wh*re! He cares about nothing but his regular pay day from the [workcover] insurance company.

After hearing what Dr X  said of my condition in my IME, I’ve read up on it (disc-desiccation) and found his comments regarding disc-desiccation to only describe one cause of it, degeneration. So Dr X hasn’t been completely forthcoming with both causes of disc desiccation/the true cause of my injury. It certainly isn’t from a previous injury or an underlying condition, as he suggested in my IME.

As you can see below, disc-desiccation isn’t only caused by a degeneration over time, it can also be caused by trauma to the back, e.g lifting a heavy pipe.


  • I very rarely had back pain, and when I did it was nothing nearly as bad or as ongoing as this.
  • There’s no degeneration in any other disc’s in my back except one, which was also caused by trauma over ten years ago.
  • The typical age of someone with disc desiccation due to degeneration is 60 (I turned 39 a month after my injury).

I would say Dr X IME is not exactly consistent with degeneration, correct or helpful, to me.

My Dr and the neurosurgeon he referred me to, both of whom have no agenda & I have no affiliation with nor will I see once I’ve recovered, have a different opinion than Dr X

I obviously didn’t think much of the IME as:
A result of his opinion…

  • The “examination” took no more than ten minutes.
  • When he asked me to stand up and turn around so he can examine my back, I asked him if I should remove my shirt (My Dr, the other 2 Drs and the specialist I seen, ask me to) he said no, which I found strange.
  • I spent more time answering his questions, which he didn’t want long answers to, than what I did actually getting examined…
  • He barely glimpsed at the MRI. And I mean less than a second at each screen. His eyes wouldn’t of even had time to focus!
  • He touched my lower back, asked me to push against his hands with my feet while laying on my back, tested my reflexes and got me to bend forward and back, that’s it! He didn’t ask me to walk on my heel or toe, bend sideways, twist or any other test My Dr gets me to do.

How is that a medical examination? My Dr does more examining than that every time I see him…

Karma Dr X… Karma!