Being disabled is dangerous – Human Rights Commission


Our co-author “Rescape” found this little ‘gem’ while browsing some news: the Australian Human Rights Commission finds that being disabled is dangerous.

Australia under the spotlight in Human Rights Watch World Report 2015

Jan 30 | by: DebraKillalea | From:


The report notes the Australian Human Rights Commission found last April that Australians with disabilities have inadequate safeguards and poor access to services.

Forty-five (45%) per cent also live below the poverty line and are at an increased risk or violence or prison.



You can read more about disabilities and your rights on the Australian Human Rights Commission website.


2 Responses to “Being disabled is dangerous – Human Rights Commission”

  1. Can understand 100% people getting upset with system we get stuck in…. When one goes from being independent to being dependent on the whim of others it’s very degrading and makes one feel pretty worthless, doesn’t matter how much help they say is out there it’s not easy to get. Always having to jump through hoops and prove your disability is draining, both mentally and physically..

    • You forgot BURNING HOOPS woo woo. Having been in the system and about to return I am lucky to have good family support, because I cannot even climb up on a chair to tie a rope.

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