Xchanging & Gallagher Basset no longer agents for workcover NSW


Five (5) Australian insurers have been announced as the scheme agents for the workers compensation scheme run by WorkCover in New South Wales, with two previous contractors missing out on renewal. It’s a pleasure to announce that – especially- Xchanging but also Gallagher Bassett have been left out.

Xchanging & Gallagher Basset no longer agents for workcover NSW

Gallagher Bassett Services (GBS) and Xchanging were previous contract holders with the workers compensation scheme but have been left out of renewals for 2015. The following insurers have been appointed and will begins services under a new contract from January 1st 2015:

  • Allianz Australia Workers’ Compensation (NSW)
  • CGU Workers Compensation (NSW) Limited
  • Employers Mutual NSW Limited
  • GIO General Limited
  • QBE Workers compensation (NSW) Ltd

WorkCover NSW’ new CEO, Vivek Bhatia, noted that these insurers offer a great service (really!?)  for workers compensation claims thanks to their experience.

“These organisations were selected on the basis of their experience and expertise in delivering workers compensation services and outcomes, after a competitive and rigorous procurement process.”

“The new arrangements provide an opportunity to sustain the momentum of previous reforms and make a positive shift in the way scheme agents deliver services to drive return to work outcomes, and deliver better customer service whilst maintaining the financial sustainability of the scheme.

“This represents the best mix of scheme agents to maximise benefits to employers and workers.”

All policies and claims currently managed by GBS and Xchanging will be transferred before December 31st 2015, it was announced.

GIO, owned by Suncorp, announced that their market share in the scheme will rise from 15.6% to 20.6% thanks to the restructure.

Paul Smeaton, executive general manager – statutory claims with Suncorp said the company was pleased with the increased share and looks to build on their experience in the field.

“GIO Workers Compensation has consistently delivered strong return-to-work results for injured workers, employers and the scheme,” Smeaton said.

“It’s pleasing that GIO will be able to extend our claims management expertise to more NSW businesses and their employees.

We will work closely with employers, brokers and injured workers to ensure a smooth transition of their claims management to GIO.”

Employers Mutual also announced that they will take on 15.6% of the Generalist Portfolio and will be given access to an additional allocation of the Long Tail Portfolio with a specific figure yet to be announced.

The new contracts will run for three years with an option to extend each insurer for two additional periods of one year.

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£5mn Xchanging write-off after NSW workers’ comp loss

Procurement and technology provider Xchanging will move its workers’ compensation contract with the Australian state of New South Wales into run-off during 2015, the firm announced on 14 Nov 2014

Xchanging has been managing around 5 percent (5%) of the state’s workers’ compensation portfolio since 2010 under a contract that is due to expire at the end of this year.

[Source: http://www.insuranceinsider.com/-5mn-xchanging-write-off-after-nsw-workers-comp-loss]

Gallagher Bassett hit by $8mn NSW workers’ comp loss

AJ Gallagher subsidiary Gallagher Bassett has been hit by an $8mn charge after losing a workers’ compensation contract with the Australian state of New South Wales.

The regional government contract will be migrated to “run-off status” by the end of the year, the firm announced in a statement on 18 November 2014.

[Source: http://www.insuranceinsider.com]

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  1. ONE VITAL QUESTION: Does this mean that claimants through these (dropped NSW) insurance companies who are in other states will be subjected to even more denials, delays and defamation from their insurer as a cost cutting measure for these companies? ie. Will these insurers up the anti for claimants in other states?

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    • @Sarah Jane – Good question! LOL! The problem is that, indeed, those who were ‘looked’ after by Xchanging (and GB) are likely to be taken over by alli-ass (Allianz) and the likes. From bad to worse, and so it goes round and round…

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  2. When will Xchanging cease to exist at all?

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  3. They must have won their new contracts for their expertise in bashing up injured workers…….sooner or later they will all be accountable for their actions – including state governments.

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  4. Love how the insurance companies such as G.I.O. donate to all these charities. Just like the Sallies no one sees the money. If they want to donate it should be out of their money not those that pay insurance.

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