Workcover surveillance – running online searches is standard practice


WorkCover insurances and their hired fraud or private investigators are spying on injured workers’ social media in increasing numbers. Intensive surveillance of Facebook postings, tweets, YouTube videos, photo sharing sites etc. are all being used in an attempt to untangle “a web of lies” and discredit any injured worker. In fact it is now standard practice for them to run computer searches and investigations to obtain information about your personal life.

Workcover insurers  will simply stoop to the lowest of levels to try to beat an injured worker out of his/her lawfully mandated and guaranteed benefits.

Workcover surveillance – running online searches is standard practice

For those who still don’t believe social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube AND public OR ‘private, secure’ forums are as dangerous as we claim, here is yet another warning:

We refer to a recent article posted on the Injured Workers Support Network (IWSN) in NSW, stating that they recently “received a disturbing message from an IWSN member saying that their lawyer had received their (the injured worker) surveillance information, and imbedded in that information was a screen shot of the IWSN’s Facebook page.In particular an article that the injured worker clicked “like”.

Utterly pathetic indeed, but very REAL.

Folks, this is the VERY reason why aworkcovervictimsdiary long abandoned their Facebook page, as well as their public and private/secure injured workers’ forums.

injured-worker-facebookWe don’t want any injured worker to ‘like’ us, nor ‘befriend’ us, because WorkCover insurers and their various representatives — who still believe all injured workers are cheats, compo bludgers and milking the system — because WorkCover et al are literally  and increasingly obsessed with spying on injured workers’ social media sites, in a -most often- pathetic attempt to untangle an poor injured sod’s ‘web of lies’. By ”liking” or “friending” an injured workers support Facebook site, such as aworkcovervictimsdiary or the Injured Workers Support Network’s Facebook, workcover and their fraud/private investigators will be able to TRACK YOU down, find your own Facebook page, and those of all your friends and relatives. So, even if you personally don’t post anything on a social networking site, you still have to be careful about what other people post (i.e. your friends, co-workers, etc).

Remember that we do know that certain workcover agents in Victoria (and obviously in all states) routinely download entire copies of Facebook (and other social media sites) and save them “in case the pages/contents are altered at a later date”.

Any administrator of an injured workers support site, such as  for example aworkcovervictimsdiary and the Heretic Press will tell you that their access log files show a lot of spying and other (often illegal) creepy conduct by workcover insurers, workcover authorities as well as workcover defense lawyers.

Also, never ever forget that private and secure forums are extremely dangerous to partake in, again because the almost UN-believable tactics workcover private investigators and even workcover case managers will use to gain access, and COPY the entire private forum. We refer back to a pathetic case manager who claimed to be a seriously injured worker to gain access to our (past) private forum, under the nickname of “rainbows”:


As published on our “Please insult us here” page, this snooper nicknamed “Rainbows” was/is a Case manager for Allianz. She used the following email and her IP address =

We also refer back to an extremely pathetic woman who gained access to our secure, private forums as well as to our former Social Club, under the disguise of being a ‘carer’ for an ‘extremely injured worker’, seeking ‘desperate support’. Yeah right… She turned out to be working as an undercover private investigator for workcover. Nice, huh! No matter how secure your settings, it is virtually impossible to ascertain someone’s credibility when it comes to giving them access to your private forum, Facebook site and social club.  These pathetic people stoop to the lowest levels to obtain access by deceit. Long, convoluted stories will be made up, countless comments will be posted, a FAKE workcover injury claim form will be provided, etc. just to have an opportunity to SPY on injured workers who partake in such support networks.

Understand the reality; workcover is no longer about taking care of the injuries of injured workers and getting them back to work as it is supposed to be, it’s about money and power. It’s about those who don’t think twice about convoluting and bastardising this system to meet their goals. It’s about unfeeling, uncaring corporate entities who care about only one thing; their financial bottom line.

In fact, intense surveillance material is now being provided by the injured workers themselves. Facebook posting, tweets, YouTube video, photo sharing sites and you name it are all being used to untangle “the web of lies”. As far as workcover insurers concern, we (injured/ill workers) are all fraudsters until proven not guilty, and then some.

As internet technology continues to evolve, it’s becoming easier and easier for workcover insurers and their various ‘representatives’, including investigators to positively identify injured workers and to “determine” whether their online lives are “consistent” with their claims and ‘medical restrictions’. Nowadays you are not allowed to smile for 2 seconds if you have been diagnosed with Major Depression!

Also as a consequence of new, emerging technology called “geo-tagging,” which gives the place, time and date of videos and photos, workcover fraud and/or private investigators can now easily determine if an “incriminating” photo or video was taken before or after an injury.

Did you know that Technology vendors are building custom “deep web portals” specifically for insurers who want to stay on the cutting edge “to combat workcover fraud” minimise any legitimate payment!


Please guys, ensure you have read our Social Networking Sites Warning (displayed at the top of every comment form) and act accordingly, for your own safety.

Now as a side note:

We noticed that various comments were recently posted by injured workers, naming and shaming workcover insurer’s case managers and IMEs. While our policy is to allow anybody to comment freely on our site, those injured workers who are slandering people must beware that they can be prosecuted for DEFAMATION. This is no laughing matter and does happen. aworkcovervictimsdiary has been served on two (2) occasions with a defamation lawsuit for naming certain case managers and for half-naming an IME.

We highly recommend you DO NOT name and shame certain workcover people, unless you can provide substantial evidence of wrongdoing, chances are you will be sued for defamation.

Ensure you have read our comment policy, particularly the following entry:

Hold Harmless

All comments within Diary of a Workcover Victim are the responsibility of the commenter, not the editorial staff of Diary of a Workcover Victim. By submitting a comment on our blog, you agree that the comment content is your own, and you agree to hold Diary of a Workcover Victim  and all representatives harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability.


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[Post dictated by WorkcoverVictim and WorkcoverVictim3, and manually transcribed on their behalf]

3 Responses to “Workcover surveillance – running online searches is standard practice”

  1. They better watch out they don’t get sued for defamation. Don’t ever fear them. Stand up for what you believe and post, post, post whatever you like!

  2. I now how the term “going postal” came about. Stranger’s who go out of their way to invade my space for the sole purpose of attempting a character assassination will not be forgotten in my darkest hours.
    Be very careful entering my world, it is my home for now but totally foreign to you and you may not find your way back out. I will gladly share my nightmares with you, the question is can you survive them?
    The last thing you want is my undivided attention!

    • Dear Cimp4930, can totally relate and I have empathy for you. I too can go to dark places(depression sucks). DONT LET THE DEVILS GET YOU DOWN(they are trained for this). Next, time a nuf-nuf/weirdo/creep(Note: Can be all ages and genders) tries to initiate inane conversation ask them if they are survelliance, because you are getting stalked and harrassed constantly. CRIMINAL OFFENCE.Proceed to take photos of the people, if public space, note time, day, and license plate. Digital cameras, mobiles are invaluable as are security cams on house and car.Big W/Dick Smiths/wait for specials is my advice when buying these.BEST THING I INVESTED IN.Survelliance hates their own techniques. When you have enough evidence contact the police. Make sure they prosecute instead of run off. Keep logs of the time you have the encounte. If you have time read my other ‘controversial’ comments that have tips and advise from me to other people and other peoples’ advice to me. If you need any support please write back. A few beautiful people on this site have lifted my depression, given me hope, and vindicated me.The haters (or survelliance with multiple user-names) dont bother me. I have vowed not to respond to uneducated trouble-makers.Dijana

      Dijana. Milovanovic December 5, 2014 at 10:24 pm