Workcover has destroyed me


The following story was submitted as a “Guest Post” by  an injured worker nicknamed “So Sad” – Again a very real story about the impact that getting injured at work and dealing with workcover insurers can have on real people. Major depression, PTSD and anxiety disorders are, more often than not, caused by the abuses inflicted upon an injured worker by the workcover system, its insurers and their various ‘representatives’ ….


Workcover has destroyed me

By “So Sad”

I was injured at work a few years ago & had major surgery finally after Allianz stuffed me around.

My recovery was complicated & I’ve suffered so many setbacks & complications after surgery.

I’ve been left completely disabled & my life is barely a life anymore.

I’ve been put through so much abuse & suffering at the hands of various Allianz case managers.

The so called “independent” examinations have crippled my depression greatly & I’ve been treated like I’m a criminal, like the accident was my fault.

I live with constant life-like nightmares & am constantly looking over my shoulder watching out for the private investigators filming me.

I’m too frightened to leave the house, to be around people, I’m afraid to the point where I can barely breathe anymore. I don’t sleep or eat anymore and truly wish I’d never been born after all that I’ve been put through.

I receive abusive phone calls from my workplace and Allianz several times a day. It never ends. I’ve been severely under-graded for a permanent disability – of course favouring in Allianz’s side.

I don’t understand how these bast*rds can get away with it. I barely have any fight left in me at this point but I won’t give up as I’m the one who is innocent & I won’t let the b*stards of Allianz win or get away with how they have treated me.

Rot in hell Allianz.

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7 Responses to “Workcover has destroyed me”

  1. I work for a pretty small tradie outfit in the western suburbs.
    I was in a pretty bad accident the other day, travelling between jobs in the work truck. We were carting a heap of tools and some sheet metal in the back, and some car ran a red, and we t-boned them.
    the back of my head was pretty busted up, and i cracked my sternum.
    Wasnt sure what the go was with workcover, so i did some googling and got onto this crew compensation connection who are being really really helpful in persuing compensation from the other driver.
    There are a heap of other injury compensation services out there though, so i reckon its worth a look if other avenues arent working for you

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    • Andrew – sounds like you are disguising yourself to PROMOTE 2 websites. Don’t fool us.

      • If that’s what you reckon, mate, all good.
        But I don’t really get where you got 2 sites from?
        Link’s been removed anyway, so its all good. But for sure I was promoting them – theyve helped me out a bunch.

        Have a good day, Injured 🙂

  2. I have recently been cut off weekly payments since an IME has said I may have a job capacity. I will never have the capacity to be in paid employment as my condition is permanent.
    As quite a few of you will also know we have our bad and good days, I may be confined to bed a few days and on a good day be able to get a little Housework done. We don’t know when the good days will be; Imagine applying for a job position where you could only come in when you were able! I’m sure an employer would go for that ‘NOT’
    One thing I thought was odd after being cut off was the insurer decided to not cut medical and like expenses? So I’m ill enough to need ongoing pain medication but not ill when it comes to weekly payments? If this doesn’t shout out ‘it’s only about money’ what does.

  3. I am in similar boat as you. Just been to conciliation because those surgeon says I have work capacity even though my Gp and a private surgical consultant say no endefinatly and those own psychologist says no capacity endefinatly believe it or not they might actually get away with stopping my payments not sure yet. This system is blatantly destructive to the injured worker and I can’t help but think we might not be in such a bad place if it wasn’t for the people out there defrauding the system. It only takes 1% to make everyone question the other 99%. What we need to do is come together as a voice and protest. Million mask match on every parliament house in every capital City in Australia and say no more to letting the 1% be the face of the injured. It’s our sisters, our brothers, our mothers, our fathers, our friends, it’s you and its me that deserves the right to a normal “ish” life without having to go and ask for Centrelink for money, we where injured at work, Workcover should have to pay, don’t pass me off to another system and its problems. I worked and now I can stuff your profits where they belong in the hard worker who got injureds pocket not your gready suits. It makes me sick!!! Profiteering is what it is and we need to stand up too them!!!

    • Conciliation(if that’s what they call it) is yet again another corrupt, biased system weighted against the worker. I have had good out-comes and two ridiculous out-comes with the same biased worker who shall remain as JK or pig of a person, whatever you prefer. She was used intentionally when I had requested to the obvious numerous parties(all documented) that we would never communicate with her or deal with her again due to her illogical and obvious bias. She nearly killed my husband, and gave him chronic, persistent, permanent pain through a forced conciliation process that led to a head-injury due to her seeing fit that my husband should increase and add meds inappropriately. This is no way to run a business, if the client would prefer to go back to work That is how you save money Work-safe, not by denying innocent victims their rights,if not a bit of dignity. Does JK(devil bitch-rot in hell fir eternity. Does sheknow what it is like to have your husband in a coma for two weeks and a half weeks when no medical professional is willing to say he might survive, let alone be a vegetable.Keep up the good fight, we need to support each other.

      Dijana. Milovanovic December 3, 2014 at 9:49 am
    • They just use the fraudsters to justify what they do. Even if there was a million fraudsters, what the system does to genuine injured workers can NEVER EVER be justified.