Warning: Xmas holiday period prime time for workcover surveillance


A timely warning to all injured workers out there, remember that workcover fraud investigators and private investigators believe that “the [Christmas] holiday period often provides some tremendous surveillance opportunities.

Warning: Xmas holiday period prime time for workcover surveillance

The sad reality is that quite a few workcover private investigator will abuse the Christmas holiday period to obtain video footage of poor injured or ill workers putting up Christmas lights, Christmas trees, going Christmas shopping and attending or hosting  parties as well as doing house, garden and yard clean-ups.

Also camping trips, fishing trips and even a day at the beach offer great opportunities for workcover surveillance.

Whilst undoubtedly most often the workcover surveillance footage will never be shown in court (or to an independent medical doctor or a medical panel) because it proves that 98-99% of injured workers are telling the truth about the physical (and possibly mental) effect of their injuries; some injured workers may well be tempted to ‘overdo’ their medical restrictions during the holiday period.

As stated above, for example a desperate  and one-off attempt of an injured worker putting up some Christmas lights in their garden, for the sake of their kids can just be the famous ‘gotcha’ evidence needed to prove you are not as injured or incapacitated as you claim.


With this in mind, try have a happy or happier Christmas!


[Post dictated by WorkcoverVictim and manually transcribed on her behalf]

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  1. I wonder how much they make per hour? I wonder if they get lunch money? I wish all a happy and safe xmas and new year.