Petition – Repeal WorkCover NSW legislation changes of 2012


Doug Ewart from Pearl Beach, NSW has started this petition on behalf of all the workers in NSW. This petition (started  18 Nov 2014) is important because people are facing financial & emotional hardship due to the changes to the workers compensation scheme (WorkCover NSW)

Repeal the legislation changes made to the Workers Compensation Scheme in 2012

With this petition Doug wants to let the government know that the injured workers of NSW, deserve to be able to support their families, pay their mortgages & live to a standard that they had whilst they were working.

Because of the changes, as an injured worker, the benefit that you will receive will not cover your everyday living costs. Due to these changes people are left financially and emotionally ruined, leading to people losing their homes, using their superannuation under hardship, leaving them with nothing for their retirement & the breakdown of the family unit.

All this pressure may then bring on mental health problems such as severe depression which then sometimes leads to the injured worker attempting suicide.

This does not only affect the injured worker, it affects all the people the injured worker associates with.

As voters please support this petition as we will be handing it to the minister for finance, the Honorable Dominic Perrottet.

If you are unfortunate enough to be injured at work these changes will affect you as well. Your signature on this petition will show the government that the injured worker deserves to be supported by the system & that you may change your vote at the next election if they are not prepared to listen.

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One Response to “Petition – Repeal WorkCover NSW legislation changes of 2012”

  1. The issue I have is that to date, to enable and sustain a full return to work, I have outlaid $2000 out of my own pocket. Physically I have also done the utmost to support full recovery.

    Three specialist reports all concur that my knee is not where one would expect it to be 5 months after successful surgery full knee replacement surgery.

    I am unable to fully extend the knee, have pain and swelling in the front and back of the knee knee with pain referring to lower back and hip. I also can still not descend stairs with ease. Due to the increased demands at work over the final few per-Christmas weeks I was forced to take a day off as the knee was not coping .

    The rehabilitation physician to which my surgeon recently referred me is requesting twice weekly pool and gym sessions to assist. He has also requested a Doppler to check for possible clots in the leg and CT of lumbar spine. The scans alone will cost me $310 after Medicare rebate.

    I can no longer sustain these financial outlays as a single low-income earner with dependents. So I am unable to proceed with the above despite doctor’s requests.

    I have sent an email with this information to my Workcover insurer just to clarify in writing the situation should there be any adverse repercussions on my health due to discontinuance of medical treatment by Workcover due to S59a legislation. I shall also forward a copy to the Workcover Authority and Minister Perrottet.

    I also wonder if my recovery has been slow because under the legislation I was denied treatment once the 12 months had expired from date of injury.
    So I was left without treatment for 5 months prior to surgery. Also once I returned to full duties in 12 weeks, after a staggered return after 8 weeks, again no treatment; hence the $2000 outlay to support myself in remaining at work.

    When I look back over my claim, almost 2/3rds of the 12 months was accounted for with gaps for specialist appointments and delays by the insurer re: IME and approval for requested surgery.

    The 12 month limitation on medical entitlements is ridiculous as a ‘needs to fit all’ policy. Nor should an injured worker be expected to bear financial hardship .