My Journey – injured nurse shares workcover hell


The following Guest Post was submitted by an injured nurse who worked 30 years in a SA Public Hospital, only to be totally let down by WorkCover and the very people who are supposed to ‘care’ for injured and ill people. Here is her journey on the WorkCover hell…


My Journey

By Trinny

I am injured nurse working in a public hospital. My nursing years ended after 30 years of hard devoted work. It’s true what is said about the public system. There is no thanks for the years spent keeping this sinking ship of cut backs alive. All I gleaned from the experience was a degenerative repetitive strain condition. Calcification in both shoulders.

SA Health their insurer. Well private concerns are the best you know. Then for whom?

Well I’ve had Surgery to the right shoulder. So many inappropriate RTW Plans.

Then 3 years of the most intense bullying. Cruelty, lying, defamation, confidentiality breaches and harassment not just from my employer but their health insurer. What the nurses knew about my workcover before I did was astounding! And that was on a ward I’ve never worked! The funny part I though the bully prior to workCover was bad. They were just being nice!

The reason why the public service will not support their employees with bullying and harassment is they have flaunted and destroyed their own protocols. The whole system runs on the “good old boys and girls clubs”. There would be so many dismissals there would be no one left to “do” the dismissing when found guilty as charged.

My left shoulders destruction came directly from my negligence. Of course there is the deny, starve and settle. I now must go to court for home help.

For years all the professionals have been paid. The nurse. Well, one must realise that Workcover is a rich man’s game. There’s much money to be made with multiple IMES, lawyers, physios. God I’ve even met a charity or two gleaning their buck from it.

Now the surgery for my mangled left shoulder has been denied. One day before the surgery. This hasn’t helped the hypertension, ( high blood pressure) I’ve acquired from the bullying. I’ve been pretty good with it though.

The psycho that was let loose on me was designed to drive me out of my job years ago. I was told I was pretty amazing. Wow! My mind was the strongest they have ever seen!

The adult acne from the internalised stress is a downer. I don’t think the scarring will ever heal. Now it’s all going to the court. That’s is it makes it before the new laws. That’s right. The new not Workcover anymore laws. You see. They want to drag out all claims and surgeries. To dump people out on the street. No one has asked what is going to happen to those already on the system?

I forgot to mention. SA health doesn’t provide their nurses with new positions. I’ve been sitting at home for six months. The offer insulting packages to people. Be quiet when that’s said, the government is big on getting us bludgers back to work.

Finding my own interviews is fun. My rehab is too busy. Then my jobs are sabotaged by my rebab officer every time.

You know, one can become very religious when looking at this system. A deep understanding of why God created hell. Why would he let this system and the people who drive it into heaven? He has no where else to dump these dregs.


Being treated inhumanely, being denied vital medical and likesupport and being driven to poverty by workcover insurers (and their clients, the employers) is what is pushing far too many injured workers over the ‘edge’.

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  1. Sorry to hear it Trinny, I know exactly what the SA Workcover system is like. They signed me off whilst in ICU for a week, they said it was a mixup with paper work, 5 years later after fighting got back onto workcover. all I can say is try and keep your chin up (I know it’s easy to say) and stick it up them. If you are not happy with something stand your ground and if your case manager wont do anything ask for their boss and keep going up the line. They want to wear you down but don’t give in, I know its hard but I am always polite and very nice on the phone even after they just screwed you I think that annoys them even more. Stick to your guns your South Australian.