Creepy workcover surveillance tricks


Many injured workers find it really creepy to think (or even sense) that a workcover private investigator may be following them around, taking secret pictures and filming their ‘activities’ without their knowledge or consent.

Creepy workcover surveillance tricks

Welcome to the creepy life of being spied upon when you enter the workcover world. We hear more and more of injured/ill workers who have been put under surveillance by their workcover insurance in an effort to manufacture and even fabricate evidence that can be used to deny workcover benefits.

Quite a few injured workers have obtained copies of their own surveillance videos under the Freedom of Information Act.

A typical case takes about 2-3 days of surveillance. And often the private investigator will park inconspicuously in the injured worker’s neighbourhood, either within view of the residence (best case) or watching the most likely route that the injured worker would take to leave. From there, the PI generally follows the person every where they go, usually in 8 hour shifts, and document their every activity.

For equipment, most PIs use a large  zoom digital video camera, and/or a covert (secret) camera that looks like a button or something similar, to use if the PI follows injured workers inside a building (eg. cafe, church etc).

It is also well known that private investigators will often make use of a (known) injured worker’s medical appointment (eg. an independent medical examination) to conduct surveillance as it allows the investigator to get activity, identify the injured worker, identify possible cars, and verify their residence.

However, one really creepy surveillance tactic was recently shared with us, and it  involved a case where the private investigator posed as another patient in a waiting room in order to strike up a conversation with the injured worker in the hope to capture a statement against certain interest on his hidden microphone/video camera!

The point of this brief article is not to make you (overly) paranoid but you to need to understand that there is a very good chance that a workcover insurance company investigator may be following you, looking for any opportunity to videotape you. This is particularly true when you reach certain milestones, ie. 130 week mark for weekly payments (VIC), and especially if you have applied for a serious injury certificate (VIC), and particularly if under the narrative test.

You need to be vigilant because surveillance videotape /evidence is possibly the most compelling piece of evidence that a workcover insurance company can use against you to cut off benefits and/or lowball your settlement offer.

Ensure you abide by your doctor’s restrictions at all times.

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An IME in New South Whales (NSW) videoed an injured worker in his waiting room. This was without the injured worker’s consent. The IME then allegedly used the video to prove the injured worker’s range of movement was different to the actual medical examination.

The question we have is: Can an IME video a client (injured worker) in a waiting room without consent in NSW?
Is it a public space or was this a breach of privacy?

Dijana. Milovanovic
I feel vindicated by reading Aleksandar’s account of events. It saddens me immensely as your description is correct.My husband sustained a head-injury through no fault of his own, due to an unfair ACCS, Allianz, and Work-safe decision-duty of care is not an issue in these organisations as they are not a “helping or caring field” but unfortunately they employ a culture of sabortage, and corruption. Note: Work-Safe was formerly called/traded as Work-Cover: covered their own asses on that front, that is why they changed their name. Mind you, it is a decision that would have cost a fortune to instigate,… Read more »
I came across this article on these dirty low down pathetic pieces of stalking scum….the link on the bottom is not valid…but it does give insight into some of there tricks Tips For Private Investigators Darwin NT Working as a private investigator is a fascinating but endlessly challenging occupation. In this article I have set out ten top tips that may make life a little easier for those new to the profession. 1. On surveillance operations, take something to fill the long hours when nothing is happening but you don t want to fall asleep. Books and newspapers provide cover,… Read more »

Have you ever wondered if work cover all the lawyers and insurance companies are just one big scam to send us injured workers to doctors and psychiatrists to drug us up and all while the big pharmaceutical companies and the lawyers cash in on our misfortune.

look deeper and you will find some pretty nasty shit happening in WorkCover.