Challenges seriously injured workers face – part 3: loss of self esteem


Every injured worker is unique, however we (workers) define a majority of ourselves by the work we do. Some of us have worked very hard and long to obtain our job status and our personal investment in our work can be enormous. For this reason alone, “career” people have— probably— the worst time when they become seriously injured and disabled. For those who made massive efforts to climb the “career ladder” only to lose what they accomplished due to injury/illness can be shattering.

Challenges seriously injured workers face – part 3: loss of self esteem

Once injured workers have lost the job they have worked for so hard and so long due to a serious injury and/or disability, they all sooner or later realise the worst thing about their new state: IT IS BORING!

As discussed in our previous article, this is why it is extremely important that you create a new structure and routine for yourself to keep yourself busy and sane.

However, just because you are disabled, it does not mean that you cannot be “busy”. You will obviously be more physically (and or mentally) limited than before your work incident, but you will need to try to make the most of your time.

Many seriously injured and disabled people feel, at least initially, a sense of shame due to their ‘new’ state of being [disabled].

You must remember that it was not your choice to become seriously injured and/or disabled. However, it is your choice whether to give into depressive thoughts and attitudes and thinking that you need to remove yourself from society just to avoid having to tell anyone you are disabled and are having problems. There are countless seriously injured and disabled people, many just like you. For this reason alone, you need to get out and interact with the world. The TV (and your bed) should not be your best and only friend. Chances are you will have the opportunity to meet new people and be exposed to new ideas that you never would experience if you were still working.

If you (or your family/close friends) believe your condition is overwhelming you should seek psychological counseling. It is also a good idea to take part in support groups with people suffering from a similar sort of injury or disability. Misery loves company. You will find out from other injured and disabled workers that there are (some) solutions to many of the problems you are experiencing.

Whatever you do, try not to lose your sense of humor, especially about yourself. Try to find some humor in your disability. As you probably will find out, self-deprecation is a very humbling and attractive personality trait. Everyone appreciates honesty peppered with humor!


5 Responses to “Challenges seriously injured workers face – part 3: loss of self esteem”

  1. Low self esteem, try bloody low everything! Life destroying then there’s the low life case manager and low life surveillance Cretan’s!

  2. Low self esteem, yep. I have been on the SA workcover spinning wheel for 7 years. They know I will not be able to return to work, but yet they keep sending me to IME’s to see if I have any work capacity, to see how they can help me get back into the workplace. I’m sick to death of it. I have been having trouble with the black dog yet again, the last IME pshyc even rang my GP she\he was that worried about me, yet they keep me on the treadmill of doom and gloom. If it gets to the stage I will be making sure who was responsible. sorry to bring everyone else down. There is a bright light somewhere as has said before you have to try something. DON’T GIVE IN OR UP

  3. LOOKS LIKE I LOST MY POST I was saying try doing a hobby if you cannot work I have pain 24/7 so I make and design gift cards and scrapbook I love this and hope to make this a job ? down the track .The insurance QBE,TMF have tried to make this a job already but I don’t make a wage ??they are a pack of leaches ,but I use my craft as pain management it keeps my head in a good space and I love it .Because they have left my with NO SELF ESTEEM I need this , please if you have a lot of pain try crafting any type of craft will help you with your pain and if like me and you don’t sleep much ,I don’t go to bed some nights at all ,but I can go and sit and craft I don’t want to be full of pain killers I have a fentanyl patch on I hate pain killers you cannot think you forget things ,so I am trying to just have the patch and anti-depression meds .I need them after wanting to end the pain and get away from the case manager ,thankyou for reading this

  4. HI, sorry I am no good on this bloody thing ,I was going to say no insurance manager over your shoulder this is just for YOU !!

  5. Great post – I’m currently working with my medical professionals to help build up my very low self esteem. Something I never thought would happen to me, but learning everyday through this struggle.