QBE is a sham – warning to employers


Our new “guest” post section, launched on 16 October and which captures your submitted content, anonymously and directly on the front end of our site, has attracted another article. Here is our third submitted  guest post, originally titled “QBE is a sham”. Written by both an injured worker and employer this short post highlights again how workcover insurance companies continue to engage in various deceptive practices or fraud.

As we have posted previously workers’ compensation insurance companies have a multitude of reasons to engage in deceptive practices or fraud. The profitability of workcover insurance companies, for example, depends upon taking in as much money as possible through premiums and issuing only minimum benefit payments. As a result they will aggressively look for any opportunity to deny a claim or to reduce their liability.

We also previously wrote an article titled Which workcover insurance agent would you choose if you were an employer? Well perhaps the following Guest Post adds another workcover insurance company NOT to choose!

QBE is a sham – warning to employers

By injured worker Anonymous | submitted on 26 Oct 2014


I am a genuine severely injured worker and I thought it would be best to warn other people about QBE.

I have been an employer and employee and I have always been of the view that genuine claims would be handled with integrity. This is not QBE.

They have actively engaged in a campaign of deceit, lies and if you complain they will do anything to destroy you.

The bottom line is they do not want to pay claims if you are an honest person who thinks that you will deal with them with transparency then you will be let down.

The more people share their story the more the word gets out.

Dont touch them with a barge pole. If you care about your company’s reputation then don’t go near them


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5 Responses to “QBE is a sham – warning to employers”

  1. I am not surprised to read this post. It is no secret that QBE are in financial trouble and in April 2014 the shareholders were planning to engage in a class action against them.

    Given the above, would anyone receive a payout? I think not.
    And this is goes unnoticed why?

    If it is only 1 small thing that I can do, I removed all of my own insurance policies with them. And am better off for it. Particularly I did not know that QBE CTP Greenslips don’t provide driver protection. I found a much better CTP with GIO whose policy even covers loss of income if you’re injured and the at fault driver.

    QBE has undoubtedly cemented themselves as a repugnant entity.

  2. Having experienced QBE,s adversarial tactics first hand,
    I can confirm that QBE will try and destroy your character as a measure of mitigating their financial liability.
    I had a legitimate claim, and was astounded at their tactics to try and break me.
    I had a corrupt IME, a stalker(PI) , and a rehab ghoul whose actions caused IOH (her employer) to almost lose their accreditation to practice as a rehab agent
    This woman completely lost the plot on a number of occasions
    in fact she is one of the most aggressive women I have had the displeasure to know..

    “Mendacious” is a term that could be used to nicely describe her behaviour
    Lets face it, we are dealing with some of the worst corruption australians have seen, and we are vulnerable….
    Karma has a way of coming around to slap some sense into these sub humans…..
    I personally like to help accelerate the Karma and direct it to the source…….

    slightly bitter, but stronger for it


  3. As an employer, I was advised by CGU that if the costs kept going up my premium would increase… the guy was taken aback when I said I really didn’t care, I thought the most important thing was for treatment to aid in the RTW…. of me… because I am the business, and without me the business will close… (and has)
    Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall… I could hear the intake of breath and shock…

    • If you think QBE is bad then you will be even more shocked to discover that Allianz are their own SPECIAL kind of EVIL!!!

      • Marina/Sybil-I’ll second (and third that comment). Too true!As I have stated in my previous comments Allianz think they are a law unto themselves.Evil is the only way to describe these animals.I hope that the sick , deranged workers/minions at Allianz believe in Karma. Their probably not that deep. Does not matter, karma is the way of the universe and no-one escapes(it just might take some time). Do they know it is 3 to 10 fold?

        Dijana. Milovanovic December 4, 2014 at 8:18 am